Old Broad Street - bike parking

I’m on a course in Old Broad Street in August, just wondering if there is any safe/secure parking in the area ? I don’t known that area at all. The building I’ll be in has no parking for customers at all.


There’s an NCP in Middlesex St & another @ St Boltolph St

NCP’s are usually reasonable for the day and have the advantage of not having to wedge yourself in amongst loads of other bikes & peds

Thanks, do they have specific bike parking or do you use a car space ? I guess with a long enough chain you could attach the bike to the barrier ?

Just a thought, ask Justine as she used to work in an office just round the corner…

Varies from car park to car park tbh… I would Take a long chain if you can. I like the NCP at Leicester Square - you go down in a lift - it’s like the bat cave

I know there’s loads of parking here in bays


but think it gets quite busy. Not too far a walk from there

There is a website somewhere which gives the location of all the bike parking bays in london, cant remember what it is, try googling it.


I work around the area and park at London Wall, just after the Museum roundabout, it’s underground/cctv cameras, as safe as it gets really.

Am very happy to show you the way if you’re stuck.

Thanks, much appreciated

Is it really £3 per hour peak period ? That’s £24 per day parking Is that really how much it costs ? I can get a return ticket inc tube for £22/day.

Mate, parking in the city is free for bikes. For now!


Try and get one of their booklets from a Piaggio dealership or other good bike shop.