Old £20 Notes

I sold some brakes a few months ago and just realised that the bloke paid in the old £20 notes, the ones with Sir Edward Elgar on the back - anyone know if these still be used or can I swap them in the bank for new ones?


Not a worry - google

£20 note elgar

and the top link is the current Bank Of England Notes page for that note:


Phew thank god for that - Im going to Amsterdam in the morning and thats my spending money :smiley: - Thanks

Do they also take old £20 notes in Amsterdam then? Who’d have thought it eh… :stuck_out_tongue:

They take all sorts in Amsterdam :smiley:

Bank of England notes are always valid they never expire they are just removed from circulation.

That should improve Mark’s chances of getting lucky then…well, a little! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha cheers Tim :stuck_out_tongue: