OK, you know you're insured but do they ?

Renewed the insurance on the car the other day & decided to check the Motor Insurance Database to check it was showing up OK, which it was.

However, whilst there I discovered that the bandit was showing as being uninsured, when I have a certificate to prove it is !

Contacted the insurers - ebike & all resolved now, assume some sort of administrative ****-up.

But, if for example I’d been parked up & the reg number had been checked by a warden, it would have showed up as uninsured therefore it would be liable to be clamped/towed away. Now I’d be able to prove it was all legit & therefore not liable for any fines etc. but this wouldn’t have saved me a major pain in getting the thing back, especially if it occurred someplace far from home.

So I’d suggest you all check that your bikes are logged correctly on http://www.askmid.com/askmid.aspx & if not get onto your insurers to get it sorted ASAP - it could save you a long walk home ! :hehe:

Actually out of interest I’d be curious to know if anyone else has the same problem or if mine was an isolated case, so please reply here if you too have been omitted.

It’s been on here before. What about an MOT checker-can it be done?

I just tried to get new road tax for the bike online but i couldnt because they said i dont have insurance as it doesn`t show up on the database.

http://www.motinfo.gov.uk/html/home.html you can check and MOT here…

Well my lovely Honda CBF500/A came up as:

The details on the MID are:


WTF!?!?!?!?! Will be calling the insurance company later to day.

Just checked my bike ins, thats ok, thought id check the car also.
Oh dear, its not coming up insured !!
I got the insurance cert to prove it, guess id better call the brokers.

Nice one Pat, you just saved me an headache at some time in the near future. :slight_smile:

Cheers fella

The MiDAS database is woefully out of date and regularly out of timescale, it’s mere ly a guage that the Police work on and a reason to do some further ‘digging’

just because your bike does not show on the MiDAS database does not give police power to sieze the bike (it can assist though)

ultimately, an unattended bike CANNOT be removed for ‘No Insurance’ purposes as the rider/owner need to be present so they can be given the reclaim ticket.

Stories involving unattended bikes being siezed are Bu**sh*t.

Sounds worse than South Africa ! :wink:

Hehe my bike is OK on there… :slight_smile:

One reason you can’t remove an unattended uninsurred vehicle is that there is no legal requirment for vehicles to be insured. The requirment is for the driver/rider to be ensured to operate that vehicle on the road. For example, my car policy allows me to drive my car, and provides third party cover on any other vehicle I have permission to drive. That other vehicle doesn’t need to show up on any database.

Not an accurate site, my mums car was written off a year ago and it says its insured…it was…a year ago.

If it’s on the road (or even another public place) its being used by the owner even if parked, or it appears, in the possession of someone else !

From http://www.5ive-o.org/forum/showthread.php?t=15179 :

*PNLD defines use as follows in relation to insurance

“Use” has a far wider meaning than drive. It means ‘have the use of’.

A car parked on a road that cannot be moved but, owing to its condition, cannot be driven is ‘used’ on the road within the meaning of the present provisions. A vehicle which is parked on the road, stationary and unattended is being used even if it is jacked up for repair. It has been held that the owner of a vehicle was using it even though it was in the possession of another so that it could be repaired. A vehicle which had its tyres deflated, the rear brakes seized in the ‘on’ position and the gearbox was without oil because of a leak, was also being used. Provided that a vehicle is a motor vehicle, and is on a road, the owner has the use of it on a road whether, at the material time, it can be moved on its wheels or not.*

All true, but for the reason I gave, a vehicle can’t be removed becasue it isn’t on an insurance database. Vehicles are not insured, people are, and the person using a vehicle may not have insurance linked to that vehicle specifically. The vehicle can only be removed when you have identified someone who is using the vehicle and they have had an opportunity to produce the evidence of insurance in respect of them being able to use the vehicle, or sufficient info for the insurance details to be checked.

right for sure…i am insured to drive any motorcar owned by me or loaned to me…I have a few cars on the policy and they do not show up as insured…even though they are actually named and registered on the insurance…