ok..who's out tonight?

come on boys and girls…who’s out this fine evening? im gonna be up the ace later so who wants to join me?


im there!..in a nanosecond. thats 100 millionth of a second if anyone was trying to calculate it.

wearing my LB T-shirt, and a sweat band!. maybe even shorts, maybe even boxers.


hey ya,…

i am always up for it but am only gonna be up there by 7…

crap clouds have come out…

hmm…i see em AJ…should i wash the bugs off the nose of the bike or shall i leave them there as if i get the hose out…its sure to piss down…hhhmmmmm…

see you up there Oodie…you just cant keep them trousers on can ya dude…!!!


I am very much intending to be there after 8pm, so I hope I meet some of you.

dont you dare wash that bike…

it rains and its gonna be all your fault…

thats why i did mine last night…

so no chance of rain today…

cool andrea hope to see ya then…

shud be there about 8pm in boxer shorts and string vest

keepin’ the mouse in the house!..

its not gonna rain today, its boiling!.. not many clouds either, depending on where u are, but no way is it gonna rain!.. no way i tell ya!.

its soo lovely, and i have to go with my old managers to lunch from my old job just to keep the relationship alive. should be done by 8ish.

see u there guys.

did’nt you just buy a birthday suit wigs…why not show that off tonight?

ok…ok…AJ…bugs are staying on…atleast untill tomorrow morning when i have to go to work…then i wont give a dam…ha…ha!!!

jay/cezar…i think its time for the k6 to get branded…how about some sticks?

cheers mate…


take a looky here


don’t forget your sunblock

sp 30???

dont wanna get sunburnt do we???

i feel like a hotdog tonight at chelsea bridge

you’ll only get the shits Oodie…now were will that leave ya!!!


and what does a hotdog feel like, Oodie?

I like thw ay that at about 22:00 they swap the sun for clouds…they don’t have a moon symbol yet…the graphics department isn’t very quick…

Thats just asking for trouble…

i shall be heading for the ace tonight may be a run to chelsea bridge .as im not working for a change i fancy a ride out .c u later if i spot anyone i will be on a black kawasaki zephyr 1100 b there about 8pm.

well im out especially if abbej is “always up for it” i know a good spot by the river… ace about 8 ish and ill be hitting the bridge no doubt

right…anybody going up the old kent road to the ace wanna meet up?

could do with a riding buddy…