So come on then…New Years resolutions? What they gonna be and how long you reckon they will last?

Mine? to get my backside up the gym more often…and stick to a proper schedule …how long? god knows going on my past !!!

Well, we shall see, last year, started off well, got up to 5 miles on treadmill…had me damn accident and that all went to pieces the last 6 months of the year?..now i can just about manage 20 mins on treadmill and im well peed off !!! SO…i am gonna start from scratch…knee permitting, take it easy first few months…just 20 mins on treadmill and lightweights…and then build it up again…why is it SO easy to pile the weight on…and SO hard to lose it???

U go 4 times a week?..cool !! thats what im aiming for again…used to live in the gym, started to get muscles like arnie, loved it !!! i ended up pushing more weights then some men !!! ha ha (for an ol bird, thats not SO bad !!!)

See the chazster HAS to keep fit…or he cant keep up with Claire !!! (if uve got an MCN babe on your arm it dont do to look like a sack of spuds!!! ) (ask MATT)…oops…hee hee

Re-build mi ZXR750H1

And do mi ZX9R Streetfighter

Oh yeh Gym more often

Why not? we had to see Wiggy in one? (the one piece, not lycra)…(linford i should say!)

Sorry I don’t do lycra

Phew thats better…its hard trying to type with ya eyes closed !!!

I don`t do resolutions as i never keep them. I just want fun with my bike and family.

Gym? hmmmm don’t think so, tried it few times, can find nothing more boring. Guess my new year resolution will be to keep the Chancellor happy, more fags, booze and petrol, I so love paying the tax and seeing the Chancellors happy smiling face.

get laid after my frame comes off lol

I am going to be a bit more wise with money :-/

I’m not going to drink anymore.

But I’m probably not going to drink any less.

I’m gonna stop smoking…It’s a doddle, I do it every new year!!

I’ve managed to stick to the last 2 years resolutions. This years might be a little harder… to not let work dominate my life so much!

A bit metro this … cook more

Keep trying more and more things I haven’t tried before

HAVE A GO AT GIVING UP SMOKING AGAIN, gave up for 5 years… but stupidly started again

Get a job.

Get back in the swimming pool.

Get rid of the extra poundage that I managed to regain over the last 12 months.

Its a great place to think about things and the problems in your life while you let your playlist run on your Ipod.

Problems? what problems? get rid of the problems and you don’t have to go to the gym