If you insist woman…Get in the kitchen and fix me a brew :laugh:<ducks> :slight_smile:

lol, you in trouble now boy…:w00t:

On Pirellis…Into a right hander…Positive throttle, hanging off but not extreme lean as its a bit damp…Lowside…No warning.I know this could have been surface contamination on the tarmac like diesel etc…But even in a straight line the Pirellis would often break traction…Just had no confidence with them and that spoilt everything with my riding…Really knocked my confidence and hardly rode the bike.

Afro, you put that so much better than me…but thats what im finding, the breaking in traction bit…thats what it is but to me the way i put it is “the back tyre feels like its gonna slide away from me or that i feel like im “fighting” with it”…but yeh, its the traction thingy you said !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok peeps, ask me the question…deal or no deal…oops sorry, wrong programme…err…yeh ok, michelins it is…so next question…how much am i looking at…groan !! :w00t: oh and ive just had a email from a guy who says hes got the mid and lower fairing? but he has to get them down from birmingham? he says they are in good nick, ie nothing wrong…ive asked how much he wants for them, cos ive just paid £310 for mine…if he comes up with much less…im gonna send the ones i got from david silver back…just hope they take them back !! saying that…i might not want to wait that long for them…and so put the new ones on anyway !! :wink:

£210 fitted or maybe cheaper now mate…Go to FWR or Essential Rubber for best deals.

Cool !! not too bad, ok where can i find these places bearing in mind im coming from Dagenham way?

Look on ebay for payperdrop (or similar) can send quite a lot for a fiver.

Essential Rubber are the nearest to you in north London

Essential Rubber - 27 Downham Road, N1 5AA. Telephone - 0207 241 0055

FWR are in south London

F.W.R. Ltd. Discount Tyres and Motorcycle Accessories
330 Kennington Road London SE11 4LD
Tel 0207 820 7818 Fax 0207 820 7819

glad your ok :slight_smile:

only just seen this post sorry to hear it mate, dont think it is your tyres as i have them and would not swap them for michlin pile ups, different people like different tyres, if you hit a petrol or oil patch no tyre is going to save you, you are in the hands of god to where you end up, come round when you know what tyres you want and i will take you and get them sorted.

310 for a set of tyres? was that with or without lube? :w00t:

£310 was fairings :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha, yeh that was for the fairing and that was a real deal…it includes VAT and postage as well?..got them from David Silver spares…cheaper than the dealers and even better deal than i could get from breakers etc…even on ebay someones selling a smashed lower panel at start of £45 and someones bid on it !!! think they have to pay the postage on top of that, then they have to get it repaired, unless using it for track…but its cheaper to get it new !!
Bit fed up really cos ive taken today off work to wait in for someone to come and take a look at the bike for me and let me know when hes going to sort out the handlebars for me, see when they hit the road they moved over slightly, so i have to have the forks loosened to just push them back? i dont want to do it in case i mess up, so ive got, or supposed to have got, someone coming round…they were supposed to have been here this morning and of course, cos its someone you know…theyve let me down !!! I HATE it when they do that, i dont mind if they come late…cos im always late meself, but when they dont turn up at all and ive taken a day off work…that REALLY pees me off…
Oh and another thing that pees me off?..TRACKER !!! This is my third tracker unit ive had to have fitted cos the other two were faulty…anyway last august they came to my home, and fitted an new one, so…when i had the accident and was being taken home with my baby on the back…i didnt get a call from Tracker to say, hey, your bikes on the move etc etc…so i called them…low and behold they didnt even have that units serial number against my bike anyway, so since last august, if my bike had been stolen, it wouldnt have registered that the bike was being moved…Now i have to have them come to me tomorrow so that we can move the bike about a bit and he can get a signal so that now if my bikes on the move …it WILL show on their monitors …thats the second time they have done this to me as well…talk about communcate with each other…i would have been well fed up if someone had nicked my bike in this time…last time it was over a year before they even registered my bike when i had just paid subscription !! They always have an answer as well dont they…like they give you some crap and you go…oh ok !!! …like its right…im having one of those days today…so ive been waiting for this guy since 9am this morning…and now i have to go out and bet he turns up !!! i leave work normally at 3pm so if hes any longer i needed have bothered taking a day off that i could have used to have gone and got me tyres done say…or even a day out riding…anything but sitting bluddy HERE !!! arrghhhhh…

The Tracker administration department leaves a lot to be desired and that’s putting it very politely.I know quite a few people that have bought them and their units not been properly registered or activated…Mine was the same and it was only after two weeks that I called them and they said, “Oh it’s our computers”. They hadn’t got my details registered.

Then another time when I stopped receiving calls, they had lost my number off the system.

Then when I wanted to change the number to call for an alert, it took 3 attempts.

The technical department seems much better as I requested an ‘over the air’ check of my unit that was carried out during the night and it went without hitch…I guess they can only do this if the unit is properly registered though :rolleyes:

I’ve got the details of a mobile mechanic that worked on my R1 in the summer…Was very good and well priced…He works from Croydon though so unsure if he would travel to you, but if you want the details, they’re

Mtec Motorcycles, Mark Vallance on 07880 578 236

ah that sounds more like it. sorry m’dear, your punctuation makes my head hurt sometimes :wink:

your experiences with tracker are sadly typical i’m afraid

What? my punctuation !!! :PmAnyway, fairing came today, engine casing on mon/tues, work soon starting on the mirror respray, curtesy of our very own M9, (where would we be without our very own M9?)…hes gonna show me how to plastic weld too…hee hee…and err, got the swingarm bobbins and fairing bungs to go on, (gotta sort some out first !), sort out the rear indicator (possibly we can repair it, if not, then new)…and i will be back on the road…after a week…too long…far too long to wait :wink:

Blade, sorry to hear this. Yes, you need tyres, I’d recommend you get some :w00t::hehe:

HA !! tracker turned up friday, i came home straight away cos i leave work at 12 on fridays, anyway rushed home and they turned up later than they said they would…yeh yeh, whats new…and then said they cant do it cos its raining, so went away and im waiting for a call on another day now…prob next friday…
Afro, how much for front n back tryres approx? im trying to work out how much money ive got left to spend on my bike now…want to get the tyres though…i need to be up and about on the road again was totally bored poo-less today…and still am hence im on this forum at this time of night…:w00t:

Lazy moo…I even gave you the numbers of the shops…Only joking luv :laugh:Just spoke to Bob at FWR…He says Pilot Power 2CTs are £226 fitted.You could also try the Pilot Road 2CTs…Should last longer and probably just as good for road use…Around £216 fitted.