OK sorry but......TOP GEAR is great.......discuss!!!!

sorry but just had to say…watched Top Gear…and yes ‘HE’ does annoy me with his anti-bike comments but…what a great programme…loved it!

I think JC is ok, I know he hates bikes, but he is fairly inbiased in that he hates everything that isn’t on four wheels.

The prog is fantastic entertainment, and usually spot on in my view. If Hammond did a bike section then it’d be perfect.

Hey Andrew…kind of knew you’d be 1st with reply.!! Superb. Now for a bike version…

It is a great production, and yeah, it’d be top if they had a bike section, i.e. the first quality bike program. Those that know me well, know that I’m not really into cars, at all, but I did reeeeaally like that Audi A-whatsit, the red one. Looked the part and sounded great. Just what I need to, or er, don’t need. Hrm, mr Bank Manager… Oh bugger, need a license first.

I like the way the show is based in the studio great idea and works well.

not just me then??? i love the programe if i miss it i get well p1ssed off

tried to get on there loads off time’s but nothin yet, its in gilford, just off the M25, bout J10 i think. not sure bout havin bike’s on there i think that wont be the same, if it aint broke dont fix it

Yea i agree, top program, i don’t even mind JC, all three of them make a good team and very entertaining viewing.

Welcome Bozzy…lots of you sneaking in(hey Jay?) Newbie section?..totally agree…fifth gear too…better than normal TV…still…must go …must go… tommorrow maybe!!!

The program is great! But i signed the petition to sack JC ! He’s a ******!

go to bed Cezar!!

yeah great bit of tv, as for 5th gear what a load of ****e, the only good one on that one is the fat *******, at least he’s funny the rest of them just love themselves to much.

Top Gear is great, always entertaining.

The girlfriend gets annoyed with watching it so don’t always get to see it on Sunday night

OT. How come the smileies dont work with Firefox?

stop watching the programm if they replace JC i will watch it again
he is just one of this 'guys" without saying anything to p**s me off so much i feel like throwing the TV out the window
What a total … and … and … and …and … wast of space

You order was my command ! Still hating JC though…

I like the programme but think it could well do without JC’s comments with ref to the two wheeled brigade. Bearing in mind that it is one of the Beebs most poular programmes and watched by many cage drivers I don’t feel it right for him to slate off other road users because people will form opinions by what he says.

I think top gear is pretty good but I would like them to send some bikes round the test track like they did in 5th gear with the K5 vs the westfield XTR2.

Did anyone see that ? the guy from MCN really threw that bike around !

Yeah I saw that, much preffered the ducati vs lambo…ducati one!

Top Gear is good, but they have to remember its called top gear not top car…so defo need some bikes aswell. JC is an arrogant twat, but cos we never see him face to face he is quite funny! His opnions are so crap at times its unreal, unlike him not al of us have 100k+ to buy a car!

Hehe watched that Channel 5 show with Vicky BH (fwoarr her voice sends shivers up my spine) where Tiff was racing the scooter ridden by an MCN guy and he was in a Suzuki cage thing. That scoot was doin the biz…

Jay - that Audi S4 was absolutely fantastic. The noise ! never comes across too well on TV but it was awesome. Stuff yer poncy pimp mobile M3’s.

If only…

But what about the loon who climbed the mountain? Was he just throwing himself up by his finger ends?

Andrew, it was RS 4 not S 4.

I love both, Top Gear for the show and entertainment, and Fifth Gear…coz there is only one Top Gear per week

But hats off to Tiff’s driving skills!!! He’s much much much better than all the guys from Top gear together.

Indeed indeed sorry Rottie. I knew that really but got sloppy.