Where is paivi any way???

The argument now is the original subject matter not the adhoc randome stuff.

Honestly? i dont know the person that said that at all ok? I know OF him from this forum, same as some others that i will no doubt meet one day?..but i do know that certain comments can be taken as handbags at dawn…im sorry that you are scared of your own shadow on this, but i seem to remember you made some comments about that other person, that contributed to the one above?

Least now we know who said something about that thread then?

I tell you where she ain’t - Chelsea Bridge cos judging from her earlier comments she’s clearly never been…

P.S where do we get the cotton wool to wrap ourselves up in when using the forum?

shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarmooooooooone muvvafukka

Ah, i now have to disagree with that one Weaver…a certain someone brought the subject up and it was carried on in that restaurant? That certain person had sent me pms on the same ? And was told that i have not spoken or know in person the one that was the subject that day? so i think that a tad harsh?..(should i block that?)

My comments were based on paivi tellin me that she was called a fat c**t amongst other things, on a previous thread that i didnt see as i wasnt even a member of the forum then if you want the truth?

Of course i said that this person came across as arrogant etc…and i ALSO said, that if he spoke to ME like that i would slap him !!! Having now formed my OWN opinion i can see that most of it IS handbags at dawn?..

If you read my comments, i did NOT say that you were a instigator of said conversation, but i take personal offence that you have now said on this forum that it was I that started off that conversation when i had no knowledge of that person beforehand and you quite obviously was not privy to who started it beforehand but have just assumed (because i took it up again, wanting to know more) that it was ME !!! I didnt know what was said on that thread until i was told !!

Thats not nice Weaver…thats fight talk that is…

I think your Moderation skills are pants Weaver…

I have had the pleasure of meeting you socially and I,ll stand by a past thread to say that you are a lovely person to be around and may you reign long


This is just not for you hun…your causing more shite than anything else now with your

“us and them” attitude.

Thats my opinion and mine only as Im not privvy to anyones elses.

(my intersted in this debate has now expired)

Sssssshabbba !!

I agree with you on that Barro, Weaver herself? is a diamond person…BUT i am unhappy about being named the instigator of that conversation that day? Who was it that told me about that thread? How did i know who the person was that said those things about P unless told? Im not bluddy psychic !!

If someone tells you time after time about someone and what they are like and what they have said about women, and other things? ~Of COURSE your personal judgement is going to be a bit biased, before you have even met them? Blimey !!! That thread was a below the belter !!!

We cant have heated discussions here incase members kids read em!!! PMSL why not stop em reading it then! You dont let em look at porn on the net do you? Well then!

Its an open forum for a biking community and it shouldnt be a place where threads get locked as soon as a modorator gets the hump with it! It seems like we have a selection of complainers on the site that moan and groan about what people say nah nah nah ffs!

The one reason why this site is so good is due to popular members that advertise it and keep it funny and thriving and if you p1ss em off by stopping people from having there say then people will desert the site and it will die. A site is only as good as the members on it and we have some great ones and some that are just moaning old grumps!

in the restaurant???

so you not only moderate a forum, you moderate life in genral like whats said in burger king and theres me thinking it was what was said on here

Some people just like to rule!

This is an open forum - people have opinions and people will get upset - C’est La Vie Rodders…

I’m not being rude but I think its a case of moderators should be seen but not heard…*

  • and that only relates to moderating.

it wasnt said on here so who gives a fuck about it?? and if wasnt said on here why kick up about or even mention it

mentioned yes, and someone else is making a song and dance…

Just cause someone gets the hump and complains though weaver why do you have to do anyhting?

Surely the person making the comment which is clearly intended to push peoples buttons and annoy people should be able to accept the fact they may face some come back by other members! If you dont want to be challenged by what you say then dont make a comment that is intended to p1ss people off!

Why do these select few people not make these comments at the meets on a Wednesday? I tell you why cause they cant stand behind a mod then or are we gonna start being banned from meets for our comments soon as well?

These select few people can start an argument and hide behind moderators!

No - please read the post again…

I never said that - by all means respond to anything on this forum - its an open forum afterall

The seen and heard comment is more about modding the thread - surely it would have been better to do something behind the scenes - look at the reaction to lock down

This is about the moderator not the person.

As a person you are lovely!

i am sorry to say that this is nothing but playground squabble! for gods sake forget it and move on!

lets get this sorted


In answer to Blade’s query - I would say firstly that NONE of the people who were most attacked complained about it! However, there were other people who were not happy that other forum members were attacking individuals for their beliefs (whatever they may be). Although some of the most offensive posts were removed by the posters in the sober light of day - however there was still continued attack upon members of the forum. Unfortunately whilst people on here are apparently adults - it seems they are not adult enough to moderate their own behaviour. How long would people expect a thread to continue with verbal abuse being batted about against each other - when all the relevant points seemed to have been made in the first few posts?

I am in total agreement with Weaver here. I do not believe in spouting stuff on message boards, I believe in looking the person in the face and having an adult conversation or an argument. I have always done it that way. If I feel I am not particularly getting along with someone, I just keep away from them as well as letting them know that they should keep away from me.

The first time I joined this message board was back in April and I took a good look at the posts, I noted that there were a few people I would NOT under any circumstances get along with. Ever! If I was introduced to them at the Cubana, it would be a polite “hello” and that would be it. It sounds harsh but I am not the most patient person in the world and I either get on swimmingly with people or I dont.

The second thing I noticed was Paivi and her comments. I simply thought “Okay! That is someone I will be choosing to have little contact with” as I knew there would be a big difference of opinion between us. It doesnt necessarily mean she is a bad person but we would NOT gel at all.

I have even had what I considered to be a childish spat with another member online and then as I was going to type a message in response I thought “Hang on a sec! Its a forum. I really do not give a flying f*ck what this dude thinks”

To summarise the above, dont take everything to seriously especially on a forum. I also must add I joined a very well known forum before coming to LB and the amount of shte, beef and antagonism on there was so irritating that I knew I wouldnt even bother making a first post. It was supposed to be a site full of cool level headed bikers and they sounded like a pack of btches. So I really must commend Foxy, Jay, Cezar et al for a cracking site n forum