When i joined this site a few weeks back, it opened up a great chance to put faces to names, etc etc, and also to actually get to meet these nice people?

We are all adults no? This is a adults forum yes? SO will someone please explain, why is it, that someone can start something off, with an opinion of their own mind, THEN when the reaction is not QUITE what they thought, ie major upset? They then complain to the mods, or if not complain KNOW that the mods are going to change the contents or lock the whole thread?

While i can understand that there has to be a certain STOP on things, if they may go a tad too far…surely if the general view is the same? then it means that it touches MOST of the readers and possibly, maybe, is something they themselves WANTED to say, but maybe didnt have the bottle, as such…to do?

SO, if thats the case, why then doesnt the mods, contact whoever it is they feel have gone a tad too far, and maybe ask them to basically knock it on the head…and likewise contact the person who started it, and do same?

Why all this locking and blocking, cos that only gets the back up of others? We ALL have an opinion and if we are posting on here, then we should take the rough with the smooth, have the bottle to apologise if wrong or stay the eff away from the person that caused em the grief in first place?

It just takes me back to school days when we had to watch our ps and qs…and mind what we do or say in case we get the cane!

Just tell me how im supposed to react when someone pees me off enough to post a reply, without me having to resort to the dictionary to find words that sorta MEAN similar to what i really want to say…ie…oh please do behave…doesnt have the same effect for me as F**k off !!!

Hope this dont get blocked/locked, cos i would really like to know? We are all adults here and adults DO swear…(well the ones i mix with do, apologies for others that are utterly appalled by that)

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr thats because its done on purpose to provoke such a reaction, so one becomes the centre of attention…

100% Spot On that Girl there …

Another bad mistake on the Moderator (had no right to lock and block)…

A community is a place where people are free to express themselves and if that expression returns negative reaction to what the poster intend then its the way it is.

Take a footballer…

he makes a foul on a player doesnt get booked and runs off laughing !!

but then that player gets fouled and runs crying to the Ref !!

The Ref then stops the game in favour of the player and his team who,s winning the match !!..

Bullsheet !!!

So True !

Flatout? What do u think about a runout to alton towers for a fun day…and good ride back??? do you think enough would want to go? Would be a laugh us lot on the log flume, etc…of course i will be outta action till i get me bike, but alton is open till oct, failing that i will get a lift? People who want to go by car could also meet us all there? so it neednt be just a case of us and no kiddies, if thats the case?

thats a good idea Blade - chat to chocfawn i know she was thinking about this as well…

Sounds good im not a fair ride person, but ill look after the lids and laugh at eveyone being sick

Chick,chick,chick,chick,chicken…lay another egg for me !! (errr is that eggist?)

Actually thats a good point Barro. How is it some get away with it, and yet maybe the KNOWN people who may react to certain threads, are not given the same treatment? But then, dont you think this forum would be SO boring if we all were so damn polite ALL the time !!!

Can u imagine it…hello, good morning, and how are all you good fine people this day? Today i was unintentionally knocked from my motorcycle and left for dead in the street…but it was ok, as a ambulance came along and i was whisked off to be treated and i am feeling fine, but alas and alack…my poor pristine motorcycle is in a somewhat poorer state…oh hum poorest me!

Instead of…some asshole im a bmw turned right at last minute and knocked me off me bike, doing my leg in and smashing me bike to effing bits on the road. Had to wait for the ambulance, the asshole takes off, didnt get number plate, i get taken off with broken arm/leg and bikes a complete fin mess! W*ers !!

(Know what i prefer!)…but then thats MY opinion

im no chicken im not yella, but my bike is

A Yella Fella…be careful that may be taken off for being opinionated about certain people of a somewhat tinged skin tone? (its a joke ok?) ha ha

Locked out…Community my Harris…

By all means react to the language but the discusssion was raising some valid points on the original subject and ‘the community’ in general.

Supposedly we’re all adults and I for one stand by my comments in my posts to both the Chelsea Bridge thread and *****'s comments on Chelsea thread (not mentioning any names for fear of mederation) - so why then does the thread get locked down unless of course it was requested by the original poster.

As Churchill once said: The greatest lesson in life is to know
that even fools are right sometimes.

Kick a Dog by all means…but dont kick it while its chained up preventing it from biting back.

Another thing Id like to point out…

Members here Male and Female have “beefs” with each other so they get it out in the open on the site forums…forget all the tosh about if its work safe…“you think of that in a row eh”

Would it be better for them to rant at each other in the carparks of The Ace or Cubana ?

Of course not !

Its happened and it isnt the first time and I sure it wont be the last.

If we are all adults on this forum, then dont let your underage kids read any of it for one? For another? If a moderator reads a thread that may have become a bit near the mark, then why dont they do what i said before and CONTACT/PM the people it is most obvious that have the problem and ask them to either calm down or make the comments less threatening or violent? At the end of the day, its mostly handbags at dawn stuff anyway isnt it?

After all, you said yourself didnt you, that someone said, read the thread? Must have meant, juicy reading no?

Come on now, B**** may have said a few things about P**** but hes not going to beat crap out of her is he? He prob wouldnt recognise her if he met her !!!

We cant have a discussion and express what we want to say without wondering if its going to be locked out or whatever…this forum is great…its a laugh…its had it sad moments…but we are ALL thinking as one mind, we all know cos weve all been there in situations with our bikes,insurance companys,dealers,accidents…whatever…and its because of that, that we are all here night after night?

Wasnt that the idea when the forum was started? Not everyone is going to get on with each other…come on now !!! God, no one hates on here…but we are allowed an opinion and i voiced mine before on that thread…and i wrote what others wanted to say, but didnt…sorry, so sue me!

Why is it people cant learn? Stop being so condescending…i dont like it and ive made my views clear to certain others if u want to know what, then pm me cos if i put them on here? you WILL remove them for sure? That i know ~!

It goes back to waht I said about George Orwell…

Blade join me banging my head against the wall here - after the initial knocks you get sort of numbed to the pian…

Of course the other downer about locking the thread is that it get buried and goes away - and the valid points go with it - so much for raising awareness…

MacP - valid comments are one thing - vicious personal attacks upon other members of the forum are something else.

Besides the comments are still there and can therefore be read - and yes many of them are valid, but the comments had all been made early on and the thread had dissolved into a collection of personal attacks.

But Weaver? The point of a forum IS to discuss through things isnt it? And it WILL go from one point to another, thats the basis of a good discussion, whether it may have near the mark comments or not? Come on now im not being funny, but how did the conversation get to a certain person at a certain restaurant at Windsor? Who started that off? Wasnt that a kinda slanging match without that certain person there to defend themselves, wasnt there things said that could have been removed, had they been on a forum?

So is it therefore ok to say something behind someones back to others on the forum, face to face, but not on the actual forum…(dont take it wrong, im not trying to implicate you, you were there, although not the instigator of said conversation im just trying to make sense of it all?)

No its not a joke im hurt now and i cant beleive you said it blade

i want this sealed an edited

If you can honestly suggest that something like

“Quote: nice…important fukka are ya…that why ya on a forum…give me a bell arsewipe…my numbers not that hard to find ! come search me out wanker”

is a valid point…or on topic…or mature in any way whatsoever, you are in the minority.

The rest of us see it for what it is…a juvenile attack not on an opinion, but on a person.

And just curious, why was it deleted from the original thread if it was such a good point anyway? Trying to protect your already trashed reputation are you?

and the beat goes on…

F**k it (deleted for benefit of children reading at 22.20pm) ok consider it sealed !!!