OK. so you end up in a dodgy bar...

and your boss’s boss can’t handle the pace, get’s totally bolloxed and ends up slobbering all over some ladies of questionable repute in a downtown bar…

So do you

a. Put him in a taxi and pay the Jo Baxi to get him home alone

b. Share a cab home with him and make sure he is ok, all the way to his room

c. Leave him to it (he’s an adult) - get the camera out, take the photos and remind him of your pics when your pay review is due?

c but first making sure the other party is more of a disreputable sort so that the actual discrepancy silence payment bonus scheme is of greater value

a. But when asking him for reimbursement of the taxi fare greatly exaggerate the price.

(Make him think all along that you did c. anyway - it won’t hurt)

Well since i’m always the one what cant handle me drink and embarras myself, i will sympathise, i say B :smiley:

hmmm but considering the rumours of a certain waiter episode … why do i now get the feeling BL is hoping that b is the option …is there something you wish to tell us about ?

Yiou forgot option D:

You both take the cab to your place, then send him on to his. At least you get a ride home and with luck at his expense.

(The last time I took a wrecked govner back to his, I got the ear bashing from his Mrs. Apparently I shouldn’t have let him get into that state. What T F?)

Put him in the taxi, with the woman of questionable morals, and yourself, take them back to the hotel with the camera, that way you have all 3 bases covered. :D:D:D

Put him in a taxi with Joby`s butt plug fully inserted and phone him in the morning to ask if the girl was all he was expecting, then post photos, photoshopped of course of him and Tim The Vicar having breakfast together.:slight_smile:

Then have a coffee and a joint and ask yourself, am I a nice man or an ex primary school teacher?:w00t: