Ok, so I know I'm not TECHNICALLY a newbie

But I’ve been “on the missing list” for the last couple of years.

Simple’s back with a vengeance this time and this time I’ve gone proper “old skool”

Nice to see loads of new names treading these 'ere boards and I look forward to meeting some of the new faces along with catching up with all the “old” faces very soon.

I’ve attached a couple of (admittedly, very poor) pics of my new baby for all you fans of “old skool” to reminisce over the “good old days” when health and safety was never heard of and the sun always shone :cool:




Ooh… Nice wheels… And pleased to meet you :slight_smile:

Welcome… back :slight_smile:

welcome back Simple, nice looking slabbie you have there, I took one of those to the IOM tt back in '90, good times indeed :slight_smile:

welcome back made

welcome back gorgeous bike

:slight_smile: Welcome back