Ok - rain tomorrow - so anyone fancy a rideout this afternoon?

Might meet at the Box and run down to Rye / Hasting etc. Get to the box for midday…let me know if you fancy it - otherwise - I’ll not hang around.:slight_smile:

Lagos Bleu

Where did you go Monsieur Bleu?

We visted the Ace, West Wycombe - a steam fair then a cake stop at the garden centre near Hellfire Caves, & quite a lot of Buckinghamshire on the way back.

Weather forecast for tomorrow has improved so we expect to see you :D:D

Stopped in - got delayed in a couple of banks (How hard can it be to transfer your own money to a new account?) and by the time I got away - the sun had gone in :angry:

Forecast looks dry so will be dambusting tomorrow…

btw - You’d be proud of my classroom … got three big England flags up already and the full size (10ft by 5ft) World Cup wallchart is coming together :stuck_out_tongue: French and German flags are up too, but suitably small ones :wink:

We think it is reprehensible to brainwash young children into being football supporters.