OK, own up!!

Who changed my londonbiker status to Melboy?

hahahaha, delboy clip is bloody funny, but it makes me sound like a ladyboy… :D:w00t:

Who did it? :smiley:

im sparticus

least you arent a pizza delivery rider

Would put money on it that they rhyme with “Jane”:wink:

Better than “Accident waiting to happen” :stuck_out_tongue: BTW i found out my culprit :smiley:

well you got the bike for it:D


ill have a ham and pineapple pizza please

I luv u tug :smiley: thats funny…

BBQ chicken for me please, with onion rings and chive dip.

Aaaaaand chalk one up for the Tuggster!

Give her some due, at least it’s a little sporty. Unless she has a box rack. Then it’s a mass pizza carrier. :smiley:

Top box or no … if it goes 32mph then it’s got you licked sunshine :wink:

says the man who rides a b-king

Ahar good sir, I think you’ll find I’m now the owner of a 2001 SV650S. Admittedly, I can’t ride it on the road yet, and it’s sort of still in the dealer having the pre-delivery service and I’m still to get rid of the GPR…

But my point still stands! :stuck_out_tongue:

There aint no top box, so no it doesn;t :slight_smile:

thought so

As if, i cant even manage to clean my bike, never mind undo screws and things !

Well there’s the fun of my evening gone.

Hope you’re happy. :crying:

Hallo, me love you long time, you want fecky fecky? :D:P;):w00t: