OK, now I really LOVE my bike


Hi K - welcome to LB - Gladius is a sweet looking bike with a great motor - sure your gonna have ace times on it. :slight_smile:

Just seen a Gladius in the flesh- a lime green and black one (!)- and I have to admit that I may have been a bit harsh on the looks. It’s not really that bad. :slight_smile:

welcome to lb

Hi and welcome.

Got a Gladius as a courtesy bike while my 650 V-STROM was in for a service a couple of weeks ago. Same engine - totally different experience. You’re gonna have a lot of fun on that little bike. Mind you, it was chucking it down as I was going down the A12 and I did miss having a screen.


Hello and welcome to LB:D

Very nice bike, cheers:)

Ohhh… shiny… Hi and welcome to LB…



Welcome to Londonbikers :cool:


the gladius is so exciting!!!

I rode it home this evening and wow… i want to ride it forever. my only niggling teeny complaint that doesn’t really matter as I will ride it anyway is that the seat is a leeeeeeeetle bit hard. but i don’t care!!!

Go on a McDonalds diet for one month. That should sort ‘your’ seat out. Then the bike one won’t be so much of a problem! :hehe:

Welcome to LB :smiley:

I rode from Leicester to Southampton today and i must admit my bum got very numb at the end… was awesome though, obviously!!

This one is 2cm higher so might have extra padding, therefore more comfort. Alternatively this guy, known to many of us as “Lee the Seat”, is highly respected as a seat rebuilder and he should be able to make yours a lot more comfortable, and look better too.

oooh 2cm higher?! That’d be too high! aaaaargh!

I am complaining but unfortunately there’s little i can do about it. I still don’t care though cause it’s awesome :smiley:

and are you saying the gladius seat need to be made to look better? I don’t think you are. that would be a silly thing to say! :wink: