Ok, Nokia E72

At the bottom on the screen, inbetween the word “Menu” and the time, there is a *

Been through the manual and can’t work wtf it means. Starting to annoy me now and it’s been there for a week…any ideas?

It’s a special code the Nigerian government have installed especially so they can track you;)

So long as it ain’t my ex boss :smiley:

So long as it ain’t my ex boss :smiley:

Yet just hit it with a hammer. :smiley:

an asterisk is usually the symbol that indicates your bluetooth is switched on…

Yeah cheers…next question - does that matter? Should I turn it off? I don’t have any bluetooth thingys…

It drains battery, so yes turn it off if you don’t use it.

Any idea how?

Done it…thanks

It has gone away too :smiley:

Can you be trusted with a smart phone? :smiley:

Clearly not Kev, not if they are for smart people as the name implies :smiley:

Spent 15 minutes earlier trying and failing to put a reminder on for the morning… :crazy:

no problem :slight_smile:

the most annoying thing i found on nokias was when the new voice message icon wouldn’t f-off even after listening to them.

Nokia lost the plot a couple of years ago. Trying to set up the E series with Exchange is one of the most painful experiences that I have had with phones. If you made a single mistake you couldn’t edit the profile information you had to delete it and start again.

tbh ive been a nokia fan for ages,
and while i admit that theyre not as sharp as apple,
i decided to give them another go on my last renewal and got an n8.

im quite happy with it, despite the predictable slowness - glitches…

I think Nokia needs to be bought by someone or they will be gone soon by the sound of things. Their choice to go with WinPho was ridiculous.

I used to have Nokia’s going back 6 or 7 years, but only when phones were very simple. I can’t say I was blown away by them like some people feel.

From what I’ve seen, at the moment they just can’t compete with what Samsung and HTC (with their ‘One’ range, last years devices were pretty crappy) are putting out.

I have an HTC HD2, just got the wife a Nokia Lumia 710 running Windows 7.5, nice phone, nice OS and very fast, does everything she will ever need and much more.

I wouldn’t swap my HTC for it, but I also wouldn’t worry if it was the only phone I could use.


And that’s the thing, a mobile phone is quite a personal thing, needs to do different things for each person and therefor the ‘best phone’ for each person will be different.

Despite being an Android fan, I’ve advised people in the past to get an iPhone or Nokia with WinPho if I can see it’s what will suit them.