Ok lets see who can help me.....

Hey all,

Ive been a gsxr boy since i passed my test owned 2 GSXR 400’s, GSXR 600 and a GSXR 750.

I now own a 1999 MINT blade with a flowed head, jets etc etc etc, really nice bike to rdie and really really comfortable. Thing is im not really getting on with it and dont know why im tempted to sell (in sale section) and buy either a pre 2001 R1 or a K’series (pre 2004) GSXR 750.

I onwed a K1 750 and loved it dont ask why i sold it i regret it still!!! ahhhhh!!!

Well Question is from your experience in your opinions which is the better bike, why and shall i sell???

cheers guys!!!

It comes down to the on seat experience and noone can tell you which is best, you have to ride them all and decide for yourself.

I’ve ridden a 2002 GSX-R 1000…Didn’t like it…Ridden a 2006 GSX-R 750…Really liked it…Loved the sat in rather than on feeling…Was like my old first generation R6 (so I expect the first gen R1s were like that too). But…Missed the overall power of my 04 R1…I had my bike set up for me, the seating position (perched) felt weird at first, but now I’m used to it, I find it an incredible ride.

Go out and try the bikes you mentioned…Trust me, it’s the only way.

Thanks Afro,

Yes mate only bike i havent ridden outta those is the carb model R1 but to be honest a quick lil ride wont help me decide…

Really want to hear from owners or people that have ridden mainly a blade AND an R1…

Thanks for the help and comments though pal!!!

Ok then…Hire one from http://www.raceways.net for a weekend and go up to the Lakes :smiley:

Should give you a good indication of whether you’ll like the bike

had enough!!! he he he!!!

read enough reviews to decide that R1 suits my riding style and age better LOL!!!

Love the blade its a great bike and i reckon ill miss her but i feel its time for a change and ive found a mint 1998 R1 for sale for good money, well a nice swap + cahs my way for my blade hehehe so will be gettin that tongiht!!! lol!!!

Nice one…Welcome to the R1 family :smiley:

no new ZX10…R1 for the retired gentleman…

Just buy it and ride it…its all in your head.