Ok. Ladies you have about 12 minutes before the end of the World....one last chance to feel like woman!

12 minutes before the end of the world, so one last chance to feel like a woman…

So best get to the Kitchen and give it a good clean :stuck_out_tongue:

THe world better end - or I am going to get a right slap next time I’m home!

If you weren’t all the way over in Nigeria you’d be getting a slap young man!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Doh, Mayans - bunch of useless idiots!

“Bought a jar of salad cream yesterday, on getting home read the sell by date… 21-12-12 Guess it must be Mayannaise…”


they just couldnt be bothered to count over today’s date…useless lazy b*stards, thank god they’re extint :laugh:

Damn it!.. I’m gonna have to buy a return train ticket now!

haha, was thinking if it was worth touching out on my Drinking Oyster card :smiley:

Some Mayan on tv said “No the world is not going to end, we just start from 1 again” classic :hehe:

Your an hour ahead of us so I still have 51 minutes left. I think I’ll open another bottle of red and wait for the magic hour

Passing gloomy thought. If you do die today, are you going to think the Mayans got it right|?

Opppps Sat 22nd Dec 2012, somebody can’t count :alien: