Ok ladies who's up for it??

Following on from Sincere’s post raising money for LAA, i have come up with the idea of doing a bike wash wearing are white LB t-shirts, There’s a few ladies interested in doing this already, Gina if she has permition lol, kate , me of course

I believe someone has done this before, should be a good laugh for a good cause.

So i need a good venue if any one has any idea’s??

Lots of support please

Borough Market Meet maybe?

what will you be wearing underneath the white T-shirts??!!

Hmmmm ??

As long as you wear nothing under the T-shirt or the white shorts then i`ll help you.

I’ll give that one a miss - but I will get my bike washed

That`s a shame Cherrie as i was looking forward seeing you wash my bike.

Just thinking about the Ace actually least we would have lots of water there etc

what about washing cars i know its not my thing to say but some people might not want other people to wash their bikes as they have spent alot of money on them or they like to do it themselves its just my opinon

Who said anything about white shorts!?

I think it’s an excellent idea but I won’t be doing it in a white t-shirt… don’t want to scare people off

Possibly but then i suppose its the same for cars aswell but it dont matter either will be fine aslong we raise lots of money! Saying that wouldn’t really matter to much about your bike Ginger lol

Cars are a lot easier, and you can get 4 people round one car and finish it in like no time at all, bucket, sponge and car shampoo and you are away…

And for the pervvie guys more chance of a t shirt getting wet washing a car than a bike,