ok its time to get shopping :)

DRZ already on the list… missed a couple on here, I know, but now I can actually do something about it…








What you like at kick starting bikes?


Had the KDX200 remember and got it going once I got the hang of it :slight_smile: okay, so thats an option - pros and cons?

Bullet proof
Plenty of parts available.
Cheap to run.

Heavy (thats why its bullet proof).
You’ll have to scrape the graphics off and buy a can of spray on rust to get the ‘Lived-in-look’!
There can be only one Riot!:cool:

pmsl - hey - ive lost 2 stone you know, so it might work out ok! :smiley: (not that you can tell the difference lol)… wonder if i should spray it pink to please some people…

When I said heavy I meant the XR!:slight_smile: But I’m happy to take look to see what you look like 2st less!:w00t:

1800 quid ktm 520 nice…

oooooh ta :slight_smile:

My new (to me) bikie!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

congrats m8:cool: now you can book lydden hill with us 20th june:)

just needs a new front fender:hehe:

Very nice - what did you pay if you don’t mind me asking so I can gauge what I can be looking for

hope you checked all the bits/issues them early black engined ktms have :wink:

did tell her about the black engines:w00t: you got lots of bits still aint ya lee:D

looks like an enduro model to me with ickle wheels, suspention will need sorting as will the break;) i wouldnt touch them black engines i fix too many at my shop, clutch bearing of doom, shaft bearings, heads that crack etc etc . dont wana put a downer on it lol how much was it? :smiley:

pmsl - reckon i did ok with 1.7k :wink: if the grey ones bolt in easily? i might buy a separate engine and have it on standby just in case :wink: besides I like to fettle :smiley: (and its got a low mileage 14309 KM/approx 8700 Miles) and it looks in really good condition :D. Well, only time will tell, eh :slight_smile: Best I start ordering gaskets :smiley: Seriously though, I cant wait to get my hands dirty on it. Just done an oil change too :smiley: What do you reckon - once every 1500 miles?

sweet, dont worry about it, race, brake it, fix it, repeat :wink:

Hey you phcking Doomer’s? Be happy for PPG! Nice looking bike girl!:w00t: Now get then stickers peeled off and add some rust!:cool:

hey guys, thanks, im in good hands - if anything happens and i cant sort it personally, i have about 6 of the country’s best engine tuners to hand if i need help (including two that specialise in twostrokes and singles) :slight_smile: lol so im really not worried - just as long as i get on with green flag, i wont have an issue :wink:

On the subject of supermono engines, I got offered a ride on a supermono at the weekend for the British Supermono Championship. I mean the bike weighs less than one of my legs pmsl… still, its something different, see how we go lol :smiley:

dude theres a few clean 625 smc’s on ktm forum you could get for just under 2g cash. high flow engines supermoto suspenders, 4 pot brakes etc.

I’m no doomer I just wanted to get an idea as I have similar budget! I am happy for PPG (and jealous as I’m without!)