OK its official !!

Im a fat cow and i need help to lose weight…now i need to lose 2 stone in 9 wks…can it be done??? :w00t:

Im on the slim shakes for brekkie and dinner and salad in the evening, plus a gym session every day of the week…(might incl sat and suns at this rate)…

I do a workout that burns about 500/600 calories on either the treadmill or airwalker total body workout thingy, and i do weights, arms,legs…


Or shall i go to the docs and beg for a gastric band !! (ha ha, already asked and they wont do it cos im not that overweight according to them, but i need to lose 2 stone !!!)

Eeek, 2 stone in 9 weeks is possible but not easy and not healthy (unless you’re pretty big to start with).

I lost almost 4 stone (from 16.5 to 12.5) a few years back, but it took me a year to do it. Normal breakfast (cereal), small rice or pasta dish for lunch (ready meal size), and protein for dinner (typically a couple of grilled suasages and some scrambled egg). BUT, the thing that made me lose the weight was (a) cutting out carbs in the evening, and (b) swimming every day. I started out doing about 20 lengths, and within a month i was doing 64 lengths (1 mile) five times a week (every day after work on the way home).

If you do exercise like this in the evening and then eat protein your body will continue to burn fat after you have gone to bed. You will wake up hungry and by giving your body carbs at breakfast and at lunch you allow it to continue at a reasonably high metabolic rate until you exercise again.

A mate of mine recently lost 2 stone in about 2 months, but he went from 25 stone to 23. His diet wasn’t horrendous but he simply did NO exercise, so now he walks five miles every day. Usually a couple in the morning and a few in the evening.

Good luck - but don’t go mad or you’ll do yourself some damage…

WASP lost 2 stone in a month !!! She exercised daily and didnt eat much, but she did it…and ive got a bit longer to do it in…9 wks! Gotta drop a dress size at least so if i lost a stone id be happy !!

Without knowing how big you are, a stone in 9 weeks should be eminently possible.

Good luck, and keep us updated :wink:

Try not to think about 9 weeks, just means that afterwards you are going to feel like it is ‘over’ and the weight can creep back on…

Just make life-long adjustments to make your diet better (slimshakes can be a good start, but you are not going to eat those for the rest of your life are you?) and excercise more, if you want to give things a help so something like give up drinking (I lost 5kg very quickly when I gave up - but that was 5 years ago…!!), that way the weight will come off slowly and stay off…

I did 2 stone in five weeks!

Discipline, no booze, and the right motivation.

I practically became a monk!

I did 2st in 8 week just by swimming 3-4 times a week no change of diet or anything

amazing what a good work out swimming gives you

I want to get to 10 stone and im 12 and half !! weighed myself in the gym yesterday and nearly fell off the damn machine !! how,where,why did that happen :w00t:So if i can lose this 2stone (its for a HUGE family wedding in dec :w00t: it wont be so bad than if i dont do nothing about it now !!

Know ive got to take drastic diet and exercise regime now…omg !!! :wink:

Why cant someone just stick the hoover up my jacksy and put it on suck !! :P:D:P:D:P:D:P:D:P:D:P

Don’t crash diet - your body will go into starvation mode, slow down your metabolism, you’ll feel like crap and not lose much weight.
Go for the exercise… but remember that you want to steady the heart rate to burn fat, not race and burn sugar. Jog (not run), swim distance not speed, that sort of thing.

As others have said, do it properly and it will be easy to make small life changes and the weight will stay off :wink:

Yep i hear you there and agree, that does work…its all very well on the treadmill with someone going at it hammer and tongs, truth is, they dont benefit any more than if they take it at a good easy pace, for more miles…cept they end up knackered and prob dont come back to the gym that often! So yeh, i can go with that…im not going to go mad with the diet…but im going to give the shakes for brekkie and lunch a go, then go to the gym for hour or so a night, then home for a salad…i will drink tea as and when i want tho !! but drink a lot more water…(blimey i mustve been to the loo 5 times already im drinking so much water today, something i dont do normally! )

Didn’t look fat on Sunday…

Anyway, they say the healthy way to lose weight is 2 pounds a week, so a stone every 7 weeks.

I’d say do something other than concentrating on the weight loss…Modifying your diet whilst taking up a sport of some sort can be a better way to do it and fun too.

Squash? :hehe:

Try ths out, its not a fad diet or anythign nasty like atkins - just changes the way you eat and how you give the body energy. I.E no more sugar to get you through the day. Its brilliant and got me down from 14 1/2 stone to 12 in 10 weeks…i was also in the gym a fair bit but the diet is very effective.


Hey luvvie:D if i can do it then you can;) its a mind over matter kinda thing, you got to be VERY determined to lose that weight, Elad gave me the best advice and it worked…eat a good quality cereal that’ll keep your stomach happy for most the day and do more exercise:D
Oh and have a row with the old man…it gives you something else to think about instead of food lol:P
Best thing is a pushbike (and an mp3 player stick some really good upbeat dance tunes on it gets you in the right frame of mind) you lose the weight and you tone up your bum and legs;) i also found if i could’nt sleep then your obviously not tired so do some sit ups i usually manage 50 before bed:D

Wasp has the right idea :slight_smile: Also try not to measure your weight, measure your body, take arm, leg, hip, waist measurements, they give a better picture of what is going on (especially if you tone up a little using some weights - dont worry girls dont have enough testosterone to become arnie-like…madonna is a extreme case!)

Yoga is bloody brilliant if you fancy it…

Losing that amount of weight in such a short space of time may cause you to gain weight just as quickly when you settle into a more relaxed regime.
As mentioned above, don’t rely on your weight, instead, take measurements of your limbs, hips and stomach before you start and watch them change. The more exercise you do, weights in particular, will help build your muscle up which weighs a lot more than fat but takes up less room. You may find that you’re a lot more trim and will drop one or two dress sizes, but you may only lose a stone.

Good luck with it all hun. I often wish I didn’t have Lipoedema and then I to could enjoy being more active and doing things I would love to do. :doze:


Update…apparently they fixed the stooopid battery run scales in the gym today? im not 12.5 im 11.9…still too near the 12 stone for my liking !!! Still, 2nd day in the gym, another 5 miler and another 500 odd calories done…cor i can sweat !! :slight_smile: i know ive got a battle, 1 is my age…and another is the fact ive had a underactive thyroid since i was 28…so my metabolism is not as good as the “normal” person, but hey…im not gonna let that stop me from having a go…i dont like being bigger than i should be…I sit at a desk all day and boy has it left me feeling tired and bloated all the time…we shall see what occurs cos i will let u know how i manage to get on…hope i dont just give up again…as ive done before…but this time i cant cos ive got to think of the wedding !! :w00t:Oh and i went on that fat burning website…its a guy who was overweight and decided to go to the gym and it just shows u the exercises he does, him and his missus…and he sends u emails on updates and other exercises u can do to trick ur body into moving more fat…also the foods u can eat to help burn fat…and yeh, i paid for that info too !!! how gullible am i eh? its not bad tho cos u can email them and get support from others etc…i cant be doing weightwatchers and the like…all that queueing up to be weighed, i could be down the gym instead !!

thats almost correct. muscle is more dense than fat so occupies less space as you say. however 1lb of muscle = 1lb of body fat

its relatively difficult to gain lean muscle and so someone going from sedentary to active should expect to see a reduction in weight, especially if female given the low testosterone levels. again as mentioned, measurements are a more reliable marker of body change than absolute weight. if you are looking at the scales do it once a week, at the same time of the day (e.g. first thing in the morning) which will show a more meaningful change.

becoming active will stimulate muscle growth to some extent, but unless you train for size (i.e. specific range of low repetitions, with moderate breaks and heavy resistance) then you wont gain size, especially if you’re not eating for it (there are nutritional requirements). as it happens, this kind of training is arguably one of the best ways to create a lean body on both males and females as it increases muscle mass and therefore energy consumption. any unwanted ‘size’ can be quickly detrained in females due to their lack of testosterone (males lose muscle more slowly)

having said that, its best to prepare the body first for that kind of training by training with your own bodyweight and postural strength to be able to lift heavy in the first place. this can be challenging enough to start with, and will work up a hell of a sweat if done well.

as afro mentioned a ‘safe’ number is the region of 1-2lbs per week. if you do this properly you should be just losing fat. anything more than this and you’re typically losing water and muscle. essentially this because if you starve the body, it will remove the part of the body that burns the most calories to cope (the muscle)

the food doctor stuff is definitely worth considering. you want to eat for the body you want, rather than deprive the body you dont like.

having realistic goals to focus on is great for motivation and the additional benefit is if you do this well, you’ll develop healthy routines for food and exercise

well you did turn down breakfast on sunday :slight_smile: so yes

Aha…thing is I wouldn’t know about fat and muscle cos my fat is beyond normal for shape and weight due to my condition so I’m one of those freaky people who don’t slot into the normal regs! :smiley:

HA HA, thats cos its got wheat in and i cant have it !! id die for a crusty roll or normal sausage or beefburger, or crusty meat pie, or fish and chips, or sponge cake, or ANY cake or biscuits or choclate bar …but i just have to put up with cardboard tasting crap !!

Anyway Mr Potter, what does “so yes” mean??? hmmmmmmmm ?? whachoooooo saying…??? :stuck_out_tongue: