OK it was only very very very light...

…but it was snowing a couple of minutes ago in Forest Hill… and when I say light I mean it had melted before it even got close to the ground… but it is sort of wintry… :slight_smile:

Happened here in Tottenham too. Thats what I woke up to and it pissed me right off.


Anyone who says they like winter needs a punch in the face.

winter sucks

One or two snow flakes in Kingston at the moment…:w00t:

Please no snow :frowning: Some chap is coming to (hopefully) buy my bike tomorrow morning…

Come on then Princess, smack us wiv your best limp wristed right granny palm!

Winter rocks! Snow, ICE, blizzards, more snow, FREEZING FROSTY COLD, hot chocolate, skiing, watching muppets who can’t cope panicking and whinging like big wet blankets, HA HA AH WINTER WINTER WINTER WINTER!!!


oh boy are YOU going to be sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on then! 'ANDBAGS!!!

Bring it then you mug…

I’d ask you to step outside but being a big pansy who doesn’t like the cold, that would only embarass you more! :hehe:

“Oh I would come outside Toby, but I don’t want to catch cold… ooh its sooooo chilly at this time of year. I wish I was on the beach in Lanzarote…, now where’d I leave me lippy?” :hehe:

Eat a spoonful of concrete mate and HTFU, :wink:

When did I say I was scared of going outside because it is cold? I just said I hate winter and double hate snow…

And you’re damn right I’d rather be on a beach in Lanzarote…who wouldn’t?

I think a punch in the mouth will be doing you a favour, to stop your jibber-jabbering.

SYFFUF :stuck_out_tongue:

Why won’t waxy eat birthday cake?

Cos he’s scared the frosting will make him cold! :hehe:

nooo nooooo it better hold out till friday i have mod 2 on thursday and need my sm wheels for mod2 but need offroad wheels for snow =]

Beeb’s got THursday forecast as cold… good luck!

You should see all the snow in Wales boyo, cannot even find my sheep


just like saying ya hate bacon

Didnt know you lived in Forest Hill. So do I, why have I not seen you around? Wave next time:D

s’cos I hide when I see you comin… :hehe:
I’m under the railway line off Dacres Road…

Bet they’re all very happy about that;) - what’s a copper doing with sheep anyway? Haven’t you got any criminals to look for?

Oh sorry, forgot, you only go out hunting evil motorcyclists at the weekend in case they’ve got those highly dangerous small numberplates which seem to upset the Welsh sensitivities so much:w00t: