Ok in the morning??

Have had enough of the tube already - roads seem dry & forecast is good - should be ok to get back on the saddle tomorrow??

You guys with/against me?!

…posted that on the tube on the way home thinking it had thawed to the same extent outside central London - but still pretty treacherous further out… chooo-choob for the rest of the week methinks…


I was just outside for a walk and I think it’s gotten worse. The fog/damp in the air is freezing on the surface, and it’s very slippery already. I’ll be leaving the bike home.

Ill be making that decision at approximately 07:30 tomorrow morning :wink: No earlies til the new year! woohoo!! :slight_smile:

ya, good point about the fog - won’t help… choooooob it is… :frowning:

supposed to get a little milder (…or less cold at least) tomorrow evening, so might do a quick ‘nip into work’ on xmas eve on 2 wheels…

I’m dreaming of using the DRZ :frowning:

Train for me. I’ve just been outside for a look and the road is like a mirror of shiny black ice. I’d rather suffer the indignity of travelling cattle class than further indiginities at the NHS…

same here… another day on the sardine express! :ermm:

I couldn’t handle the tube after the previous three journeys…so decided I was defo’ on the bike this morning…

Not a great move, worse day of the lot I reckon…ice everywhere and now have serious “pinch” marks
on my seat…:w00t:

At least it has been raining in SE london, so some of the ice seems to have gone…

It’s supposedly going to rain this evening/tonight & remain above freezing through tomorrow - should improve conditions quite a bit??

Rode in from Croydon this morning, no probs. The street where I live was a bit icy but the main roads were fine, no ice I could see or feel any evidence of.

It was a particularly good ride in as it allowed me to test the new switch I got on Saturday for the Oxford heated grips. Worked a treat. Very happy :cool:

Normally they would refuse to work on frosty mornings. My bike cover was frozen solid this morning so they definitely wouldn’t have worked if I hadn’t swapped the switches over.

Problem now is I need to wash all the salt off the bike bike tomorrow, then every week until Spring :crazy:

the ice may be meltign now as the temps are around 2 degrees…soon as it gets dark the temps will drop again and everything will re-freeze up, lots of black ice!

be carefull.:slight_smile:

1 st day not gone in looks like im on the bike tomorow grate

well my road is all clear and the bike starts up :wink: so unless it drops alot tonight and freezes everything up again its on the bike tomorrow!! :smiley:

I was walking out on a sheet of ice so gingerly and careful. Next foot forward and I found myself sitting on the ice wondering how I got there. A bunch of teenage yoofs were giggling thinking it was funny.

It was! But I still didn’t know how I got there, especially since I was so careful.

When you talk about the saddle, are you talking about your rocking horse? Yes - stay indoors. Yes yes yes!

Or take the tube. There’s so much unpredictable black ice out there…

i think you should’nt go for that, and finally its uptp you dude:D

Public transport for me. Stay safe y’all.