Ok give the answers

Ok what do people want from a bike meeting place

Times, Opening times etc,

Places, As in where

Requests, E.g. parking

Food, E.g. what kind of food

Im gonna bust yer ass Mike…i swear !!!

Times, 5pm onwards is always good, along with weekends and bank holidays.
Places, places that are pretty to look at and fun to get to
Requests, Parking, outdoor seating (covered: incase we get a downpour like we did at Cubana on Weds)
Food, hot’n’greasy

if anything like this gets off the ground, i’m well up for helping get it organised!

Sorry guys I have been away from the debate as was away for the weekend.

Time - ideally for som1 like me who works and lievs other side of london needs to stay open till 11pm and then from there on to the ace but other will get there earlier no doubt.

I personally am a food lover, and i was very happy with the brief visit I had to poppin, somewhere u can buy some decent food is a gr8 start. Milkshakes were nice and hear the fudge cake is good to!

Parking @ poppins was fine but obv is every1 who goes to the ace where to turn up u would have some issues.

This IMHO makes a great place to start prior to going on to frith.

Yeh yeh bring it on baby I aim to please

Times, Opening times etc = Yes please early and late i guess to cater for all

Places, As in where = Living in Hayes i am gonna say west london, i mean you have the Ace in NW, High Beech out east, Boxhill and Newlands Corner south, not much out west,

Requests, E.g. parking = Useful, especially if an eye can be kept on the bikes

Food, E.g. what kind of food = Anything as long as its good and i guess reasonable, and if Blade is gonna come and visit my side of London they better do Knickerbocker Glory’ ey mate

Something like the ACE with better food and service, nice roads to get your knee down on the way there wouldn’t hurt either.

Open from about 5pm when were all finished work till about 1am as most people have left or are ready to leave by then.

And that just as it was intdended Ya will never get the Ace die hard’s or all of the Ace Cafe there in one go but it would be nice as a jump point somewhere diff to start the night

Oh the hot cherry pancakes are the one

Some good roads on the back of Richmond and Sheen to get off on

I’m an East Sheen regular, but the roads round there always seem a bit too busy to have a bit of fun on, even the smaller ones between the park and Upper Rich Rd always seem to have something coming the other way!

Anything as long as its good and i guess reasonable, and if Blade is gonna come and visit my side of London they better do Knickerbocker Glory’ ey mate

is that with or without choc chip

Choc is good…but anything with ice cream to suck on mate…and im there …(err…no puns please mikey baby or it will be moderated by me the originator of this post as being offensive to ice cream !!)

Yeh I found that one out apart from the bit between Putney and Sheen but it’s only a short blast

I’ve not made it into the park for a ride, but I imagine that’s a bit over policed and a 20mph limit or something.

Anyway, I think the M9Cafe ™ should be slap bang in the middle of Kennington.

Maybe with my redundancy money i could open Trisckie’s ( food, drink and bikes…)


(slap bang in the middle of Kennington)

and babes i hope…

Ok what do people want from a bike meeting place: the Ace Cafe

Times: As per the Ace Cafe

Places: As per the Ace Cafe

Requests As per the Ace Cafe

Food: As per the Ace Cafe!

Why we trying to get new places when we have the ideal place that does everything we need it to do???

But why cant there be other places too ? Especialy ones where you get a nice ride to/from rather than always the Ace, i dont need to steer my bike to the Ace it knows the route itself…

All the other alternatives seem to be in central London which quite frankly are the biggest pain in the backside to get too.