Ok following on about bike brands....

This stuff facinates me so…

If a bike brand was a person ( celeb ) who would they be…?

Here’s my take ( remeber I know naff all about Jap Brands really )

Honda - Gordon Brown

Suzuki - Gordon Ramsey

Kawasaki - Gay Gordons ( only kiddin ) Piers Brosnon

Yamaha - Damon Hill

Triumph - Sean Connery , Steve McQueen, Peter O’Toole, Richard Burton

BMW - Michael Shumaker’s dad

CCM - Steptoe

Ducati - Frank Sinatra on steroids

KTM - Arnold Schwaznker who else???

Royal Enfield - Mr Patel who runs our local newsagent and has just had a hip operation at 78 years old.

Aprilla - Some flash Italian teenager ???

Moto Guzzi - SOme old Italian geezer who thinks their still hip and wears tracksuits, baggy jeans, trainers

Whas about you???

Ducati - Frank Sinatra on steroids?

More like Piers I would say!

Gets complicated

I was thinking someone italian, good looking fast and a tad tempemental???

Honda - That bloke from one foot in the grave…I don’t believe it…kids today etc etc

Yamaha - Graham Norton

Kawasaki - Graham Norton’s stunt double

Suzuki - Keith Moon trying to out mad Evel Knievel

BMW - Thora Hird

Ducati - Mussolini (powerful but a little flaky)

Moto Guzzi - Someone from Steps you never heard of…probably

Triumph - Winston Churchill winning the war on Japs with the new 675

KTM - Ranulph Fiennes

Gorden Brown a Honda! No way… it would be all cheap plastic, crap fixings, and an exhaust that sounds like a sewing machine…! Oh…

Sounds about right for Triumph!

Not biased at all me…