Oil Spill A3

I see TFL are reporting a spill northbound outside Clapham North Station. Take care.

Epic traffic as well. When I caught the bus its was mahoosively busy.

That said the oil spill is litterally in the gutter (along the curb). Its all coned off so the road is narrower too.

It runs northbound from Clapham north, past Union road and halfway to stockwell - couple of cyclists went down pretty hard (one lying on the floor waiting for an ambulance, one went over just in front of me as he pulled back into the cycle lane 200m down the road) when I was passing this morning. Looked pretty treacherous.

Tfl had put out two traffic cones and no signs to indicate what the cones meant (they just looked like random cones), bit of sand spread around past union road. Pretty poor effort at making it safe if you ask me.

Spill spread out across the cycle lane and maybe half a metre out into the bus lane in place.

I was taken out by diesel on the A3 in March