oil problems

mate, dont know about your oil, but it looks like you were drinking it when you had that avatar pic taken…:hehe:

haha its for this… http://londonbikers.com/forums/FindPost270735.aspx u not coming??

hehe naah, cant make that one unfortunately, my mate is DJ’ing with DJ Hype and gonna go watch him…

I had oil leaking out of my water pump drive. I too was topping it up when I didn’t actually need to. I let some out and it’s been a lot better - although I think the seal is now damaged! Put Gunk were it’s all oily and then jet wash it off. Take it for a spin and you should be able to see easy enough where the leak is coming from. :slight_smile:

Ok now I’m braced for all the reasons people will have for not using Gunk!! :pinch: :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, gunk stinks

Thats what I told Curtis to do on the phone yesterday:cool:

yep i cleaned her all up, took her for a spin and even put a white sheet underneath to see if anythin dripped, but alas nothin and i foolishly left the igniton on all afternoon so now have a drained battery!!! awaiting my optimiser in post and gonna take it out again for a longer ride jus to check.

problem solved! 1 of the seals has a small split in it and some bearings have moved, dunno lol but triumph have ordered the parts in and are gonna fix it. :smiley:

Well done mate:)