oil problems

jus got noticed that i got oil sprayed all on my right footpeg, footbrake and swingarm, no signs of any dripping oil, anyideas what could of caused it, where it might be coming from???

If you are 100% certain there are no leaks then my money would be on the engine breather.

Have you changed the oil recently?

i topped it up a lil this morning. left the bike to cool down when i got in and checked the oil level, no significant diff??? im sure it’s used oil though, what else is black??:ermm:

Fork seal?

If your Triumph has a sight glass on the left side engine cover, get someone to hold your bike upright on level ground and make sure the oil level is between the two markers.


Maybe someone fitted a Scotoiler without telling you;)

right got to work on the fairing this morning, this is what i noticed any ideas???


how much oil did you put in it.

i only ever fill it so its jus over the halfway point on the marker to be safe

ok 2 other questions

1 are you checking this with the bike up level or on the side stand.

  1. how often are you putting oil in it.

1 on the paddock stand, normally have to top oil up once a month, apparently the 675’s like to drink oil so i been told

depending how the oil sits you might be over filling it on the paddock stand as the bike is not level, get somebody to sit on it and check the level again, if it reads the same then you can carry on doing it that way but i dont think it will,

as for using oil, my cbr never used any inbetween 4,000 mile services, and the zx ive only ever put oil in it twice apart from oil changes,

Difficult to tell from the pics where the oil is coming from. As it seems to b is a few places my money is still on the breather due to overfilling.

As I said ,and Andy has said, check the sight glass with the bike upright, on level ground

The 675 has a dipstick and no sightglass (that I’m aware of). Curtis I sit on mine and can reach down to check the oil. It defo looks like it’s spat some oil out, but isn’t there supposed to be a pipe from that hole?

Sure mine has…

How last century;):P:D

From the pictures, it looks to me as though the oil is coming out of the clutch cover where the little cable pulled arm goes in. There will be an oil seal there (o-ring) which is probably damaged.

hehe yeah I know. And let’s be honest, oil and Triumphs are a bit like opposite ends of a magnet no? :hehe:

Get’s my vote too !

As it should be still under warranty, take it back to the dealers to get sorted FOC.

mine doesn’t need topping up every month, unless it’s on track, I know 675s are oil thirsty, but that sounds a lot to me, you must be doing quite a bit of mileage on yours.

Have it checked over at north city.

yea i do anywhere between 100 to 200 a week!

i sent them the pics, awaiting there response :ermm: