oil light stays on?


i was wondering if anyone can help me with a slight problem i’m having with my bike.
i had it serviced a week before xmas, that was oil change/filter, air filter, plugs ands i had the carbs balanced.
the problem is today i had my oil light come on and it sayed on even though there is plenty of oil in the gauge.
i am new to the mechanic side of motorbikes so i would appreciate a little help?

whats wrong with my bike? is it something i can fix or is it a garage job?

oh by the way my bike is a 2002 fazer 600 (see pic in corner) 20,156 miles serviced at 19,653

cheers guys and thanks

best wishes and safe riding for 2008

is it an oil pressure light? if so maybe there’s too much oil in there?

don’t think so as i haven’t topped up the oil since i had the oil changed and even then the guy at the garage didn’t even fill it all the way to the line,
i’m not sure its a funny one.
what effects does it have or will it give me if i ride it like this anyone know?
like i said i am new to the mechanical side and just learning so please go easy on me.

An oil filter light being on means one of four things -

  1. too little oil

  2. low oil pressure from blocked pipes/filter or broken oil pump

  3. faulty pressure switch

  4. faulty wiring

  5. and 2) will do serious and permanant damage to the engine very quickly and the bike should not be riden until you eliminate these.

Check the oil level and top up if low. The handbook will tell you how to do this.

If the oil level is fine but you still have an oil light borrow a pressure gauge that will allow you to test the pressure.

If that that is fine then it must just be a switch/electrical proble mwhich is less serious.

cheers fella i’ll take it to my mate who has a garage so he can check what’s what, he did the change for me so i guess he’ll be the man for the job.
thanks for the info guys i really appreciate it.

safe riding

do an oil change yerself or with ya m8. drain all oil out and out in wot is supposed to be in, dont go by the line, have look at manual and see ow much ya gotta put in, least yer know where ya stand after.