Oil light going on, and going off again after about 45 seconds


this happened twice to me today, first time this morning on my commute to work. I always let the machine run first for a few minutes before I go off.

After about a mile down the road I saw the light on, stopped on a side road quickly, and after a few seconds w/o doing anything, the light went off again.

This evening on my way home from work it was the same thing, the light went off, I stopped at a roadworks on London Wall (couldn’t stop anywhere else before), and after a few seconds by then it went off again.

Both times afterwards it did not light up again.

Bit funny too, since exactly yesterday evening I checked the oil level and it seemed fine, SeebyRJohno double checked mine too just to be safe, and agreed as well that it’s still way within limits, it’s exactly between the top and bottom marker on the oil checker.

What could a possible reason be for this occurrence?

Oil pump failing? It’s a pressure light AFAIK rathen than a level light…

Hm, if it’s the pump, shouldn’t it later on still have probs with pumping it through?

That said, looking at me Haynes, it looks like a mission to exchange it :w00t:

Any idea by chance what the cost of a new pump could come to? I reckon Yamaha directly will charge two mortgages :blink:

I’d look at if there are any blockages preventing the oil from circulating properly first (i.e. change the oil, maybe engine cleaner) as it’s less expensive!

When was the last oil change?

When I bought the bike, 4k miles ago…
I actually need to do a service, got most stuff here already, incl. new oil filter, will throw in Castrol 10W40 probably.

Engine cleaner, that the stuff you throw into the petrol?

I have some wurth engine cleaner, you stick it in the oil. I can’t say it is worth it as I haven’t used it but I’ve seen some good reviews, especially for older engines.

I’d get some decent semi-synth (at least) oil and do a change and see what happens!

Also if there’s a fazer forum check there, it might be a known issue

EDIT: there’s no way it’s a fault code bitching at you about being due a service is there?!


Will get me the Würth stuff :slight_smile:

Semi minimum planned as well. If there’s no Castrol, Mobil1 should have some hopefully.

Will also poke around on FOC-U, the Fazer Owners Club :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

edit: I’m not aware of any fault codes, the only one I know of (and is stated in the owner’s manual) is the 7000 rev EXUP fault code.

Right, poked around on FOC-U a bit, it looks like a bit of a dirt/gunk build up, and others have noticed this usually too around the time when an oil change was needed, so yeah, it’s about time for oil change…

Just ordered the Würth Engine flush and cleaner too, should be here by Friday latest, so it can go in right with the new oil :slight_smile:

It goes in with the old oil from what I’ve read…otherwise you’re dirtying new oil

haha classic one

when the bike is “going” it tilts back a little and thus indicates less oil.

when its stopped its titled forward a little and it realises it has enough oil and turns the light off…

or that’s what happened to my bike.

either way

The two most common causes for low oil pressure warning light are:

  1. Low oil level
  2. Blocked or clogged oil filter

Given the symptoms ‘intermittent oil warning light’ and since the oil level is reported to be OK, I’d suspect the filter.

Remedy …

Oil and filter replacement with an engine flush.

I’d recommend you drain engine oil, fill to level with flushing oil, run engine per instructions on flushing oil container, drain flushing oil, replace oil filter, re-fill with fresh engine oil. I’d not put any additional additives in the oil just go for a decent specification oil that will already have all the additives in it that you need.