oil filter change,carb balancing cbr250rr mc19 help needed

hi there everyone!i’m new to this site,seems very informative!lol

i’ve recently purchased a cbr250 r mc19,was running pretty lumpy,so i strip and rebuilt the carbs,which increased throttle response and petrol intake although it isd still idleing too fast and drinking a little to much,so i think i need to balance the carbs? i’ve not done this before,i love to learn so thought i’d do engine work,as im pretty good at everything else!

i bought a brand new carbtune2,im just not fully sure of what to do?As i have no manual with this bike as its a grey import! i know that adjusting the screws will change the balancing,but i want to get it perfect, i also didnt want to pay my local mechanic over a 100 quid to do something i could do myself! So if anyone has some info or has done it before it’d be great to hear from you!

I also thought i’d give it an oil and filter change,changing oil was easy enough,but i cant find where the oil filter goes???!!!i expected it to be a bolt on filter,like my gsxr600,but it looks like an internal one!any idea’s anyone?

be great to hear from anyone who has worked with this type of bike before,and can help me sort it out!!!

cheers guys and happy riding,when the bloody rain stops anyway!lol

danny {gsxr600 srad,fzr400rr,cbr250r mc19}

Download the manual from here mate:)http://www.repairmanualclub.com/index.php?dlid=189or

http://www.repairmanualclub.com/index.php?dlid=223As you will need to have the engine running and the tank off you have two options. Get an extra long hose and situate the tank somewhere safe or get an old lawnmower petrol tank.An extra long #2 Phillips screwdriver is useful too.:cool:The carbtune should have come with all the instructions on how to synchronize your carbs.:slight_smile:

Only ever had a bike with one cylinder, so wouldn’t have the vaguest clue how to balance 'em! To adjust the speed it idles at just adjust the idle screw (the one -near to the fuel tap- that stops the throttle lever closing completely, assuming your mixture is also set by screw adjustment) while the engine idles - keeping in mind the temperature you do this at will affect idle speed, too!

hi guys,thanks for your swift replies!

yeah tahnks for the manuals,i’ll check it out when i get back from work later on! i know how to adjust the screws and idle speed,i’m just a bit stuck with the carb tune! not too sure how to operate it properly…eg where the needles go into carbs etc… it did come with a manual for the carbtune but i’m still having a bit of trouble!

would it help anyone if i wrote down what soem of the manual says?then translate it into dummy talk for me?!lol

good idea chunky with the smaller tank or pipe,hadnt bothered with that before…just ran it till it ran out the filled the petrol pump again!lol

after cleaning the carbs,i adjusted the idle [it was running at 4000rpm,to stop it cutting out!] i can now run it at 1.5-2k but it fluctuates a bit and still a little lumpy,but a massive improvement!

any more help will be great,will check the site later on and will read my carbtune manual again!

cheers guys.p.s looking sunny get yer bikes out!!!

Before you balance the carbs, make sure the mixture screws are all set correctly first, and the float heights are correct - these can make a big difference to low speed running.

Once those are right, balance the carbs.