Oil and petrol premix ratio?

Me and my mate have been restoring a chopper style 50 and today later on we want to see if it starts before we take it all together and it requires pre mix! Anyone know the recommended ratio?

You mean you have to actually mix that stuff :w00t:

My old 1971 Suzuki T250R two stroke had a separate oil tank and mixer pump to mix it automatically, I just filled the petrol tank with petrol and the oil tank with two stroke oil and the pump did the rest.

The point you need to consider is that at different rev ranges different ratios of oil are required. Probably best to google the engine type/manufacturer.

Art is correct, different engines require different levels of premix.

Google the engine!

Say 25:1.

So If You are going to buy 5 litres of petrol You will need 100ml of 2-stroke oil…

You will need the manual if its not an automatic mix system… as the mix ratis vary…16:1 25:1 32:1 50:1

So in theory … 50:1 fifty parts petrol to one oil for every 1litre of fuel 20ml of oil 5litres =100ml
32:1 156ml oil /5litres
25:1 200ml oil/5litres
16:1 313ml oil/5litres

As art says google the manufacturer …

My fairly ancient and terrible YB 100 even had a separate two stroke tank for the oil and automatic mixing (it lacked other things such as properly functioning brakes and lights). Good luck.

Run 50:-1 and you’ll blow it up I ran a 250 race bike lean at 30:-1 run youres rich at first say 25:-1 :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I kinda messed up got the mix in it! First pull it went on and within like 5 sec died slowly (well it hasn’t been touched for 12 years) second pull and I nesen up with the string in my hand :smiley: so ordered a new pullstart now!

I don’t think I’ll even ride it more than twice! We decided to fix it up just to take up our free time instead of constantly cycling an talking how we can’t wait to get our motors! :smiley:

Anyone had any experience with plasti-dip, we want to spray it!

I have a jug with all the ratio’s on it very handy you may still be able to get them at a motocross shop ?
That’s one of the benefits of being a Chav I still have to premix my two stroke :smiley:

LOL I honestly doubt it’s even going to finish all the petrol we put in the tank! Literally the aim is start it up, realise it doesn’t pull up a hill and donate it to some kids who love bikes :slight_smile:

You won’t go wrong with 25:1. Start with a clean or new plug, see how it looks after a run up to temp, and adjust according. Do shake it up first though.

I wanted to get the spark plug replaced but I haven’t got the socket for it!

I’m a kid who loves bikes send it to me!!!

You can’t beat a 2 smoke, it’s like smelling sex…