Oi, Oi, saveloy.

Evening all!
New (old) boy just signed up. When out for a ride with my mate yesterday & we just met up with some LB’s at the Ace. Took a sedate spin with them out to The Hellfire Caves, what a top bunch of people! Nice one Tim. However, I had to peel off & blow out the cobwebs back into town on the M40!
Thought I would have a gander & see what this London Biker thing is all about. Does anyone do longer & quicker ride outs?txtPost_CommentEmoticon(’:D’);

So here I am, the new boy. I been riding for a few years now & at the moment on an Sv650 K7 naked for everyday & a KTM RC8 is my little something for the weekend. txtPost_CommentEmoticon(’;)’);

I am in Borehamwood, Herts, if anyone wants to hook up. I will try & make the Ace for the newbie meet at the begining of August, but gimme a shout in the meantime,
Be lucky,

how do :stuck_out_tongue:

glad you enjoyed

and for more extreme rides

see the Jetstreams …

ps welcome

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi, welcome, keep an eye out for the Dunstable Downs rideouts, they run the conerman system so you can ride at your own pace, great bunch and great fun usually

Hey Briggy, nice to meet you all on the ride and will look out for you at another one soon :wink:



Hi Briggy,
It was nice to meet you on the ride to Hell Sunday! Welcome to LB