Oi oi - Hello All!

Hi all,

Trawling t’internet for some ride outs/bike meets I came across LB and thought it looked like a good place to get involved and meet some fellow bikers.

My name’s Ash and after 11 years wanting to get my license I finally sorted myself out and got it done (im 26). Had my license just over a month and bought myself a CBR600F, lovin it but getting a bit bored of the solo rides (insert obvious jokes here).

Also, does anyone arrange any ride outs this time of year? I only ever see them for the summer.

Cheers all!

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi welcome to LB:D

and CONGRATS,:smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi & Welcome To LB Mate

Hi & Welcome To LB Mate

congrats and welcome to the world of biking

hi and welcome - yes rides out all year, the jetsreams rides are famous for riding in any weather and in any terrain!! You may even need to kick you bike into 4 wheel drive sometimes, great rides provided you dont mind a dirty bike!:D:D

Thanks for the welcome everyone, clearly Im in the right place. I’ll keep my eye on any Jetstream rides and get involved at first chance.

The bikes out of action until I can get my brand new Bridgestone rear tyre replaced next week after falling foul of a rogue screw on the streets of east London! Bugger! It went in at an angle and left a 2cm slit in the middle of the tyre. Its been repaired but I think its still leaking slowly due to the size of the cut! My girls wounded! Bad times! :wink:

Hoping to be at the Ace Cafe on the first monday of December so may see some of you there.

Other noobs let me know if your going to be there!


Hello and welcome to LB :cool:

welcome welcome

Nice wheels and welcome (I’m glad I’m not paying your insurance):wink: