Oi Oi, another newbie

just wanted to say hi member of a couple of other sites but just joined you lot today, seeing as i’m in london too. seemed rude not to

Aye Aye back atcha!

Welcome and feel free to comment and generally join in.

Rude? Don’t tempt us…

Welcome to the forum, enjoy it. Maybe catch up someplace sometime.

yeah i’ve noticed you lot dont take much encouragement for things to spiral downwards

i ride a ccm644ds by the way

Hey Pixie, welcome to LB! We’re a friendly bunch here, enjoy the site!

Hello and welcome. Welcome aboard. Pic of you bike on the members galler pls - tis an LB must.

Welcome Pixie


Just misread Snap’s post “'tis a LB must”.

I thought there was another ‘t’ in there!

Must get my glasses cleaned.

Hey, welcome to the forum. May c u around some time! Enjoy the site… and put a pic up in members gallery!


Welcome to the site pixie

Pixie… Hi there… Welcome to the site… See you around…

how do i do that then ? had a look about but i cant see how…

The members bike gallery:


To upload a pic, there is a box just above the ‘post reply’ button that says ‘Add attachement to this post’, click on that and upload your pic. Look forward to seeing the pic.

Hi Pixie welcome.

Let me say that it’s better than other sites.

You from BCF??

Welcome aboard Pixie!

Pixie, welcome & enjoy!

Welcome to LB !