Oi Ginger.........

… you sex offender, enough is enough let those two prostitutes go…


Love it !

Jokes aside they have just been found dead. Strangled like the other 2 and there are 2 still missing.

apologies no offence meant… was the Ginger bit I found funny…It is tragic really…

Hey no offence taken but because they are close ish to me its constantly on the radio, I just feel for the families and friends at this time of year when familys and friends are supposed to be together. I hope they find him and find him quickly. It doesnt matter that the ladies in question are working girls they do what they do because there is obviously a living to be made out of it, they are still human, they still deserve the full weight of the force on their side and the families too.

Totally agree ladyp.

It’s not a million miles from where I live either, something too close to home.

no wonder we cant sell our house in Suffolk

Jeebus Salee, do you have property everywhere?

just about sold mine…in haverhill…lolol

sooo…whats going on then? i havent seen the news latley…



Oi! mcap where did you find my puppy…

Sadly the crazy people come out at this time of year.

yeah its all a bit doo doo dooo doo ?!

a bit what?