Oi Fasta Rasta

I have got a set of GSXR600 stanchions for the upside down Radial brake forks with the knuckles if you need them.

Can’t find you on here so this was the easiest way.

I’ll let him know!!


Tell him to leave a message at Micks if he’s interested in them.


Do you have a real name to refer to? Otherwise, I fear confusion might creap in!



A real name

I’d be very surprised if he knew it. Tell him the bloke who rides a GSXR750RR with dry clutch and he’ll know who you mean.

TBH don’t know his real name either.

Thinking about it a PM is probably the easiest way to find me.

Russell, that be his name. Jolly nice nice fella too.

He he … I thought his name was Rus until I realised he’d said Ras!

It’s Rus the Rasta, or Fasta Rasta, or Ras, too many variations! He’s an LB member, but I don’t think he posts up (come on mate!).