oi come on chaz

well how did ya get on tell usssssssss !

congrats mate well done now your a cage driver aswell so no trying to put the car on two wheels just to try and get through traffic

well done that man

thats true at least you can get this job now


well done mate

proper crimbo smiled.

Well done that man. Now you can learn power slides on four wheels too

well done charly

well done mate, hey nothing better than owning a van to drive ure bike around from time to time!

good stuff.

well done charley, 2nd time lucy, like the best of us!!!

well done charlie ,see nothing to worry about

Sorry mate I missed the history here. Well done anyway, tis the season to be cheerful so celebrate

I can see a 72 hour bender coming on

Well your finger work is pretty hot - when I’m completely lashed I can’t catch the bast ard who changes all the keys round and I end up writing total Bollox but only with nearly breaking the backspace key to correct the mistakes!!! (Oh, bit like now, then? Well, yeah.)

Felicitations, cheri, (you’ll ave to insert your own accents) et joyeux noel.

top notch dude ! what a lovely feeling

well done son… you look like a Ford focus driver!!! or maybe a astra… you will never fit in your mums smart car!!

No a Proton or an Austin Allegro yes I could see Charlie in a brown Austin Allegro.

Well do though Charlie.
… don’t worry the novelty will where off soon

Congrats Charlie!

agh speaking of proton’s Charlie has just driven mine all the way to wiltshire and back!He did really well lots of motorway driving and in the dark. But he has just persuaded me to let him drive my car to airsoft, with out me in it! We all know what its like to pass your test and test out the performance of the car your driving, I am a little scared …

Im sure he’ll be fine?.. nervous laugh

Thats fine he just puts his bike up as a deposit and no not your work bike Charlie.

Still think Austin Allegro is the way forward for him, with a tow ball for a fold out caravan also in brown. nice