ohlins rear

just bought an ohlins rear for my srad :Dmy srad has a 6 inch rear wheel fitted with a 190 width tyre is it safe to put a 180 on or will it pinch there tyre and make it an odd shape will it fit the wider rim? has any one else done this i undersatnd it should make it steer quicker also i have some jack up plates i found for an old srad i had which i never fitted they raise the rear by about 25 mm are they worth fitting?

with a 6 inch rear it should turn fairly quickly :wink:

but dont think there is a big issue with sticking on a 180 section on, thought that was standard?

Jack up plates will make it turn faster, but stick the ohlins on first and get that set up correctly then see about jack up kits.

the 600’s have 5.5" rears with 180 as std

Ah oops, thought you were talking about diameter not thickness of the rim. Not sure about that, give Essential rubber or FWR a call they will tell you straight on the phone.

definately jack up the rear, race teams use to do this with the srads and from my personal experience it definately needs it. as the srads turn far too slow.

Use a 190/55 on the 6" rear, it has a similar profile to the 180/55 the 600 SRAD came with originally.

I used to runa 180/55 on my SRAD 750 on a 6" rim, no real problems, now I run a 190/55 on my GSXR 1000 with a 6" rear…


stick to the 190 rear section mate, definatly better than the 180 on a 6 rim. Get the 55 profile for the track as it falls into the corner much better also feels more stable/planted.

I had the 180/55 and 190/55 on my srad and I can tell you straight away the difference was immediately noticable, felt more planted rather more on edge and more twitchy and that is down to the larger contact patch that the 190/55 profile gave.

the srad is a bike I definately would own again, awesome alrounder. the first things I would make sure are correct on it though would be the brakes, correct tyre,profile and a jacked up rear.

well i used a 180 saturday and seemed to have enough grip but i wasnt going mad as it was just to cold but when ive got enough for a new set ill go back to a 190 55 , jacking up the rear & fitting the ohlins shock made a massive difference then got it set up by 100% suspension who where there and has transformed the bike so much its like riding a totally different bike it handles so much better meaning faster corner speeds and later braking and learnt about suspension settings as i knew nothing before he told me and his few clicks here and few turns there was worth every penny, im now going to keep the srad and sell my k6 600 gsxr as my srad is so sorted now it would cost way to much to convert the k6 , so the money will gotoward lots more trackdays a quick shifter and a decent spray job maybe. :wink:

Another convert to the wisdom of spending money on suspension and good tyres before engine and pipes etc. The main thing it gives you is confidence, once you are confident in your bike then you really think about going faster…

I run a 180 on a 6" rim Si with no dramas, turns quicker for sure and got no less grip…

I’ve read about jack up plates but havent done this yet, Ive got a set of forks and a rear shock that have a date with maxton this year so maybe after that…

Hi Paul yeah had the 180 on the last trackday when it stopped raining and it was superb no issues atall so im sticking to them from now on, i cant really tell what just putting the jack up plates have done, as i fitted the rear ohlins at same time’ and had it set up at the track but the overall effect is amazing worth every penny i spent ,the bike now seems to have more ability than me in the corners , i think last year when i was running the 190 dunlops they had gone off by the last couple of trackdays hence i kept sliding out and almost highsiding outa druids , graham hill and clearways ive got a set of super corsa scrubs on at the moment and they have far more grip than i have ability for now :D, When i was there last with Bergy we both tried full wets as it was raining in the morning and it was so cool going almost as fast as i do in the dry it was the first trackday i had done that not one person over took me on a few sessions :cool:.we where actually hoping for it to not dry up and stay wet as i think we were both having so much fun useing them . it was the first time i ever used them and i was sooooooooo impressed , unfortunatly the photographer only took pics in the morning so didnt catch any of my dry knee down action:Whistling: , roll on the 31st march come rain or shine im ready for it , i also fitted a k1/3 seat and subrame

makes the bike look much better in my opinioin and weighs half as much as the std seat unit i had on

i have also changed the gearing one down on the front 2 up on the rear i can now get outa corners so much faster, when you coming out to play then paul???

paul have you thought about a price for the tank and rad ?



Looking nice and tidy there Si, and you’ve got ya van sorted now aint ya, have you been to any other tracks yet?

i’ll be booking something soon, i’ll never get the 31st off work to join you, massive day in the car industry (boring!)

Gotta get some new front discs for me WOW’s and i’ll come to play…

totally forgot about the parts, i’ll PM ya … :wink:

Let me know when you girls go and play and i will see if i can pop along to watch. Actually you better make it a weekend hahaha

Thanks for the pm will send one back, yes the van was sorted , the rac said it was the fuel pump and didnt even bother trying to look for anything else. i rang up vauxhalls and they wanted ££££’s for it , so i put it in the local garage and it was only the airflow ’ meter shame on the rac twit that made me panic!! but because of this i missed the trackday i had paid for but thats life, i havent been to any other tracks apart from silverstone last year when i lowsided the srad and had to finish early as i didnt have any spares , so thats the only one ive done but would like to try another one at some point what about you paul where do you fancy apart from brands?

Im looking at booking Snetterton if you fancy it Si ?

well i really should have a go at another track when you thinking as i have a couple of holidays booked

suzukisi, I have a few spares for the srad if you want, I will sell, all my fairings, 3 clip ons, master cylinder with lever, set of crash bungs, used (one lowspeed lowside) and one standard rearset for £110 if you are interestered. also have a set of wheels on ebay at the moment:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130291617058 but I’ll sell them cheaper for you. can stick some intermediates on them.:smiley:

NO you missed a track day cause no van! mate thats sucks… I want to get to Oulton & Mallory this year, i havent done either yet… You must get yaself to donny and cadwell, both real good. Silverstone is faaast! bridge corner was may favorite, i hope they aint digging that bit up?

you gotta come and play, no more spectating for you! we gotta get you a track bike, you find one, i’ll prep it for ya… now theres an offer!! :wink:

I hear you fella :wink: