Ohhhh Baby !!!

For LB Members across the Capital and those of you logging in from “Arooooooound the Worrrld” we have the main event of the evening !!!

I have worked my dangerlers of to get this right and I think I have cracked it. Firstly, one of the faults with the Yamaha R Range was that headlight saga with them only lighting on one side and not very bright, no through lighting on the road. Secondly I tried to incorporate “Neon” as forward lighting to a hard white lighting background and just couldnt do it. I then tried the idea of self contained “Neon Mirrored Rings” with a cross contact through the headlight housing and without going in to to much detail I just changed the headlight housing rings for effect. The pictures below are the final result. Im going to get this unit on the bike and you can have a proper nose at them at the Ace on Thursday. I hope you like them as much as I do.


3 r.JPG




Very nice, wonder if you’ll be able to help do something with my old bird ?

Errrrrrrr No, but I,ll have a look at ya bike…:wink:

Time and money dont warrant thinking about but I,ll perfect it …lol


Mate thats wicked. You could rig something like that up on me ZX6 could you? Obviously would pay you!

looks mean! Bad boy on a bad bike! lol

Looks good Barro! Good work!

I just learnt how to resize pictures…“derrrrrrrr” !!!..lol…sorry about that.

Any chance you,ll come armed with a camera for a few shots for the site Jay ??



WOW, I like that, looks evil, they will look the biz on the bike.

very swish!

Really catches your attention which can only be a good thing with the daydreaming drivers out there.
I think the menacing look is more likely to scare them out of the way too, great.
Im going to be told now theyre illegal.

Love the look mate, they remind me of the BMW LED ring side lights.

V. Cool mate

Awesome!!! … if you made a kit and put it into production, I reckon you’d make an absolute mint!

I must have a look at them on Thursday!

Like em Cezar ??..look moody dont they !!!

Take closer look when I see you Thursday.


Hi B,

Nope, they are totally legal. I researched that too, the thing I had to do was install a contact that ran the unit as normal but seperate “cherry switches” to operate the neons, basically you have to have the hard whites operational as normal, totally standard via the standard stock switch gear leaving you to play with the neons and light different combo,s with colours. The housing temperature has been brought down by reflective mirror taping behind the neons giving you the mode where you can run the colours under, above or with the hard whites without burn out !!

Come down to the Ace…have a nose at them and see what ya think.


Can I do that on my ZX6R? lol

Spot on, these neons where originally used as advertising lighting, BMW took this concept and installed a “prism” ring to bend the light, they dont actually have any control to swap the combination to light the hard standard whites without the prism rings or visa versa !!!

I think id better add that Im not the outright first to do this, I have worked on this concept with a guy in Naples Florida for some time, He has a concept where the lighting combinations have the same control…but the problems that we came up against were that once installed the light unit still had the original hard whites remaining on at all times and looking head on it was two hard whites on one side and a lower hard white on the other, then when you put on the low beams you got a totally blank hard white mode with just the neons on…legal in Florida and against the law here !!

What I have done is this…you have total control over the colours no matter what lighting mode you decide to have, turn off the colours and you have both single hard whites at high beam when the stock switch is set to high, then switch the standard stock switch to low beam and your parking lights (upgraded halogens) act as your low beams with both on unlike the original set up where the hard whites came on one side brighter than the other.

Lastly, the one sided standard lighting combination was designed as we all know as a headlight deflecting senario (left here in uk and on the right in other countrys) so on the left side of the bike Ive installed an extra “cherry switch” to toggle the deflection mode from left to right so its all legal !!


I dont see why not !..we have tested it out on the Gixer set up and after some teething problems we got it right. Same with the R1 that has individual headlight units…harder to do but not impossible and heres a picture showing the parking light upgrade.





Oh my god… I feel sick… That’s what I have been wanting to do… That looks wicked Barro… I’ll know where to come when I want mine doing!!! All I have to do now is get the new bike…lol…