The link will open a media player, but god its worth it!


its like wen a magition pulls a rabbit out of a hat

omg. how the hell did he manage to do that lol

The mind boggles! He lost his shoes

I would safely say he lost his bike as well!! lol

And he is a she so the article said…a 40-something year old woman!

she slamdunked that scoot!

Poor woman, not funny to be in that hole isn’t?

now if that was a man he wouldnt mind. were all used 2 black holes wehey not as big as that though.

Hey Gazza,

That will be your Mum if she gets a bigger and faster bike. As you keep telling her to up-grade the scooter. LOL

Outstanding! But I guess no-one’s surprised at anything that happens in Florida.