Oh Yes-She's fresh serviced...

Now I got the acceleration.

Valves adjusted, some shims replaced-or whatever gets done.

Carbs rebalanced, idle position reset to align with the fuelling carbs and valves current set up.

Chain tightened to correct torque specs. Done by a main dealer Kwaka engineer, at his home address. Privacy to protect his job respected… £80… Was quoted £200 to be donw by the same bloke at the main dealer through his boss, and he wouldnt have got the whole £200 now would he!

I had already done the oil, oil filter and sparks two weeks previous.

Set off, ooooh…

First gear acceleration caught me out, it was a bit lazy at certain revs prior to adjustment.

Now ItS FUN!

good to hear that mate.

once a Ninja always a Ninja :wink:

unless i get a black 1098s :ermm:

Black 1098 eh Chen…you been bitten by the twin :stuck_out_tongue:

talking myself out of it…

well trying to anyway!!!


Hehehe welcome to the dark side young skywalker.