oh yer, oh yer, oh yer COD5 lovers read and weep

got the email I have been waiting for this morning, I’m going to be beta testing COD5 as of home time tonight!!!COME ON!!!

let us know but I am worry that the multiplayer won’t be as good as COD4

will do, I have to say didn’t think I would be very keen on COD4 when it came out (even though I beta tested that as well) but that game grew on me…

but now I’m intrigued to see how it is going to be.

how the hell did you manage that!!!:w00t:.

ide like to rip out ur eyeballs and shhhh…!!!:D.

saying that…i cant wait to play…brothers in arms…hells highway… OOOooooo…i cant wait to get that!!


hehe, got to love beta testing…Ihave not bought BIAHH yet but a mate at work recons it is the nuts, so going to get that soon as well me thinks.

you lucky git ! we have a COD5 server on preorder and have converted our COD4 server to the RSM mod which gives WW2 weapons. Grumpy Old Bastards Rifles Hardcore


So after much effort and issues I managed to get this up and running at about 12:20 last night

Will start with a little run down.

To start, the online setup is pretty much the same interface as COD4, you choose what you want to play i.e. capture the flag etc, the points system pretty much the same as you play you get points and get better weapons and ranks.
you still have the UAV in the games as well, artillerary strikes etc.

The game, graphics are really smooth (xbox360) game was running smootly as well, the maps are bigger and seem a little less restricted than previous.

Now I’m not sure if I was tired but I thought last night that the maps that were provided were a little busy in that, lots of buildings, walls, crates, debris, etc etc… and I mean lots to the point you spend alot of time running around things rather than fighting.

So this morning got up and played some more, this time I had unlocked a few more weapons which included the shotgun not usually my choice of weapon but thought I’d give it a go. Have to say was impressed with it this time, very good powerful and great fun.

So my conculsion so far,

Not entirely impressed with the game as of yet, but I felt the same way about COD4 until I played it some more, so I will report in again in a couple of days when I’m used to the maps and have some more weapons.

I tryed the demo of Brother in Arms last night… Not impress. Realy not my thing. Will not be buying that one.

Have to be COD5 then

oh yer also (and shane you might like this one)

I’m a beta tester but, if you come round with a memory card for the 360 that can hold 900mb I’m actually aloud to give you a copy to test so if you want it that bad let me know.

git! :smiley:

What about a memory stick for the PS3? :smiley: