Oh S*** and backing it in....

Strange one this morning, was doing the usual commute up to the train station when I came across a hill that hadn’t been there before anyway as I’d completely disengaged me brain prior to this, I suddenly switched it on and realised at 80mph I ws never going to make the left hander after the hill, I slapped on the rear as the front would have just washed out and did the biggest skid I think I’ve ever known, I felt the bike lean to the left so put the throttle on somehow got through the corner.

After that I just stopped on the left of the road to calm down a bit when a white van man pulled up alongside me and said “that the best bit of backing it in I’ve ever seen mate - lovely cornering” eh?

what the heck is backing it in? I havn’t got reverse gear?

lol … stunt rider and didn’t even know!

jammy b*stard. good work getting out of that one

basically the back wheel spins slower than road speed (but doesn’t lock), slides the back end out way from the turn.

instead of just steering by leaning the bike and taking an arc via the apex based on the traction of your tyres, you’re rear wheel steering also so you can point into the turn more and tighten your line

and i aint got the balls to try it intentionally!

Getting it wrong is a great way to lose your balls entirely…along with several other vital body parts

Its true - I’m Rossi

never heard of the phrase but ta for letting us know - I’ll show off in the pub tonight