Oh nuts.

It runs along the side of Buckingham Palace from the Queen Victoria Monument at the end of The Mall to Hyde Park Corner. It is 2100 feet long according to Google Maps. On the opposite side to the palace is Green Park - and running alongside the road is a bridleway.

Just catching up, sounds like you’re gonna take a hit man.

But keep smiling - and let’s hope the ban is over Xmas not the summer I reckon.

We gonna see you on Police Camera Action then?


Bad luck Ian, fingers crossed for you mate.

It’s a shame you weren’t wearing your famous leathers as you could claim they interfered with the readings;):stuck_out_tongue:

Likely to be at least a couple of months before this reaches court, if you do get a summons to appear in Dec & you need/want your licence over Xmas, then follow the instructions on the summons & plead guilty by post. You have to be present in court in order to be banned as the ban starts immediately when they pronounce it, so if they decide that they want to ban you, they’ll have to issue another summonse requiring you to attend court, which should take a few weeks & put you into the new year.

When preesenting mitigating circumstances & requirements, make sure to mention any family commitments that require you to drive/ride - eg. elderly relatives that rely on you to help with their shopping etc. Do state the conditions were dry, good visibility, early morning so little or no tourists about etc.

Don’t mention that it was a dual carriageway, mainly 'cos Constitution Hill isn’t one… :hehe:

I’d guess a 28 day ban plus £200-500 fine depending on how poor you are.

Bad luck mate…

if you want to do track days when your on the ban you will have to tell the court you have lost your license…

keep hold of it, err DONT RIDE ON THE ROAD but you can take it to the track with you…

remember they dont let you on the track without seeing your license first.

Firstly, I’d just like to say…

Ian, you knóbber :rolleyes:


Pursue all technicalities mate…Such as the following (to which I’m pretty sure about).

When plod decides to park a van on the road for speed enforcing purposes, they must take out an order like a TMO (Traffic Management Order) before they can begin enforcement.

If they haven’t got this…All tickets are invalid.

When plod decides to enforce speeding with any device like a handheld laser gun, the device must have been calibrated by trained personnel within the last 24 hours (I think).

If this hasn’t been done…All tickets are invalid.

Also, in my experience, when I got stopped by the Met Police in 04, I didn’t get my court summons until 6 months later.

Good luck matey.

dude that sucks. know that they trap in the parks but hadn’t seen them recently - tend to duck through that route regularly. 71 is reasonably punchy through there (not that there isn’t the space!). assuming i’ve got the bit right, my understanding is that its not proper dual carriage way as there is no division between the two directions of traffic. its just a wide-ass road.

think most of it has been covered. however what i would say is forget the last bike safe you did (and dont declare it) and do another one. wont do you any harm in general, and ‘may’ help to demonstrate you have taken independent action to make yourself a more concientious rider/driver etc. any other additional training might be worth considering (worthwhile investment in itself anyway).

from experience self representation is a bit nerve racking (i also had food poisoning at the time so wasn’t in exactly fine fettle for it either). you end up taking a hit for the brief, but dare say they can do a better job of pleading the case properly if you get a solid one. as mentioned, mitigating factors are hardship to others, conditions/circumstance and loss of earnings (altho from what i gather this last one is a difficult card to play as can be viewed that if you knew your job would be at risk, you should have been more careful). generally being contrite and respectable looking (even you can manage that i’m sure) will help, as if my experience was anything to go by, you’ll be surrounded with 50cent lookalikes…(i’m not even joking)

think my summons took almost the full 6months (just enough time to give hope before kicking me squarely in the nuts).

best of luck

Cheers afro/JB and others,

I have booked up another Bikesafe, should be doing that one at the end of the month. Wow, 6 months sounds like a long time to wait, and unfortunately might chuck be off the road just as the weather gets warm again :angry:

Yeah 71 is a fair lick, and to be honest i dont think I was doing that much, but it is so high, I will only try that route if my lawyer reckons its worth it. They calibrated the machine before the session and calibrated it after just to cover themselves. It looked like a well prepared op. All I did was roll on the throttle from 30 for a few seconds, think I was in 3rd, but as everyone knows, we all ride powerful bikes and thats all it takes…

I will look into mitigating circumstances, although I dont really have many, just have to be humble to the mag…

Oh well, if you cant do the time, etc…