Oh no!!

I have just bought halo 3, just started the 2nd mission and what happens?

The bloody xbox360 has died a death I now have halo sitting in my front room with nothing to play it on!!

You can use it as a frisby…kids these days need to get outside more.

Or, go and hire an Xbox 360.

Or, design an application which simulates an Xbox 360 on the PC, and play it on that.

And if you do design it, sell that applicaton for lots and lots of money and then buy a new bike.:wink:

They called it EMULATOR. :cool:

Thats the word I was looking for, thanks man! :D:cool:

So glad I bought a PS3! No bricking here, just no time to play it, doh!

Bad luck fella… Have you got to send it back to MS?

after much bloody hassle they have finally agreed to pick it up, I have been phoning everyday since I posted this ad and last night finally got someone who could understand me…

So only another 3 weeks and I will finally be able to play Halo 3…

Apparently a lot of them have been bricking, about 30% or something crazy. They can’t get the cpu yeild.

I know, I thought I was one of the lucky ones as I have never had a days trouble with it in like 18 months…

just for future refernce though for other 360 owners the extended warranty only covers the 3 red rings of death (oops I meant light) anything else well back to comet to get a new one…

because of the problems microsoft has extended the warrenty on 360’s to three years

Contact the support center on the xbox360 website they will fix it for free and also pay for postage

I take it you got the three flashing redlights (this means critical hardware fail)

hope this helps


thanks for the advice, but I think it is clear you have not read the whole post, they finally agreed to pick up the 360

ok just read your first post missed the second :smiley:

sorry just waffling on games’s is what i do for a living

yer no worries, wish you had come along earlier though would have saved me all the hassle of finding this all out by myself as per usual bangolaw were bloody useless.

So you say gaming is what you do is this just personal hobby or something you do for a living?

It what i do for a living (as working in games industry)

my god microsoft time even stand for the xbox 360 I was told 15 working days 21 days later I’m still fing waiting…

I cannot believe it, I’m so close to buying another console just to relieve my withdrawal symptoms…


MY xbox 360 just got back after over a month I finally have it back…

Do not call tonight as I will not answer

Well mine died on Sunday just as I was coming close to finishing PGR4 and ready to start playing CoD4. Just waiting for the tracking labels now from MS and then it’s a lovely 15 working day wait! What joy…