Oh no it's Max Power night down the ace tonight!

I was going to go down there tonight as well gutted!

Has anyone on here been down the ace on the bike on Max power night? I have never dared so far but just wondered if many bikers stunted to show up the chavs?

The bikers still go down there, there’s just a few more chavs around than normal, and the constant whistling of turbos. No different though really, go down still…

we are going to pop on down later, it’s a stunning night so after dinner when there’s sod all to do , think we are going to take a ride on over for a cup of tea.

Maybe see one of you guys there.

I just can’t stand the noise of all though really crap subs. Whats the point of having music on load if the bass is just distorted and the car is rattling like mad? Also it just sounds crap.

O and whats with putting TV’s in the boot?

I didn’t make it down there forgot that I had band practice. Still not totally upset that I missed all the Nova boys lol!

Tel i went down thinking you would be there. Was my first ride out in over 3 and a half weeks. Was in a bit of pain riding but was worth it to get out. Was a ****e nite though - 2 many chavs about.

Sorry mate, How about coming down either this evening or Friday?

Ah, yes, biker’s corner…I enjoyed my barrier reef of handsome biker lads! The best form of protection from the swarm of 12 year olds in the ace car park. On the bright side, I think that the police dislike them more than they dislike us! Hooray!

I would love to be a fly on the wall when the chavs are looking our way and complaining about the people dressed in leather. Sadly, we won’t hear their comments over the bloody music!