Oh my god

I don’t know what injuries this guy sustained, he as got to be one lucky dude…what do you think was on the other side of that wall.:w00t:


Feck that was fortunate- assuming he wasn’t badly hurt :ermm:

Looks like the kerb saved him- I reckon front wheel popped up just as it hit the barrier so the bike chucked him off up and sideways instead of over the bars…and into the abyss.

LEAN! LEAN you B!tch!

Thats probs what he was thinking;)

thats the sort of thing i’d do :w00t::w00t:

bad road positioning

Why? He’s pulled over to the right and it looks like a left hander, positioning looks fine to me. Aside from the bit where he hits the wall of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Classic case of target fixation I think, was not looking around the corner, was caught out by the bend and got fixated on the wall which he inevitably crashed into. His road position was fine.

Passed the test and everyone’s a critic now :stuck_out_tongue:

:hehe: Very good. Apart from looking like his front or bad wheel had become detached or something, starting a death weave, panic and kamikaze into the masonry. Or maybe he’s practising for a BCR?

Me thinks BCR:PIt was the bikes fault :smiley:

that just looks so random! God knows what went wrong there! :w00t:

That guy rides like AndyP. :D:D:D

surely he would have been more lucky for it not to happen at all:P

Best guess I can see is:

  • Pulls in clutch
  • Changes down (maybe 2 gears, or into first by mistake)
  • Leans over with clutch still held in
  • Dumps clutch locking rear
  • Panics
  • Etc

looks like a newbie mistake lol :smiley:

Looking again, it could have been he left his sidestand down and as he leans the bike it digs in, anyway, bad luck mate :doze:

did he loose the back wheel on gravel first?