oh my day the boobies are out

lovely pair…


wow :w00t::D:D:D:D

Lovely pair!

Thats Better

What about this for a beautiful flange!

or an a$$

COCK :doze:

that goes in Westies thread not here! :smiley:

Hopefully a Mod will come along and whip this cock out and move it in Westie’s general direction

Yes I am seeing a marked difference between these images and the one on Westie’s thread;)

a cracking pair


I was going to do the same but with a normal one!!! thinking out the box (literally) with the shaven Variaty extra points to Oli…

In all fairness I just popped into my local town centre and for a midweek there was plenty of Crumpet about at one stage I nearly drowned in estrogen…




I’m well impressed with the safesearch filtering on google images! At work sticking in ‘cream pie’, ‘slapper’, ‘flange’ etc. Mind you it is my 2nd to last day.

hahahahahahhahaha. Lekker! :D:P

Those baps need some sausage inserted between em :wink:

Personally I love a nice furry muff . . .

Or a load of C*nts