Oh dear, somebody left their brains behind

Frankly anyone that wants an iPhone should get checked out, but this lady!


aahhh sorry Afro, jsut seen your opst below…how do I delete this!!!

Serve her right!

Stupid cow, good that it cost her dearly.

Dozy cow! And why didn’t the person 2nd in the queue object… especially as her plan was to buy all the stock?

maybe cause they knew it was 1 phone per customer. and that it was his friends behind him in the que . didn`t she make a big fool of her self wat a dozy cow

Ok maybe I’m a bitch, but given the fuss she was making and the wad she was wafting about, if I was in the queue behind and knew it was one phone per customer I’d have still made a fuss and got some dosh off her. Serves her right!

the fella made money out of the woman and got all the trick bits 4 his phone and also made her look a complete fool like dat mastercard ad:


After seeing some initial reviews, I’m really not interested in the iPhone any more! I think my Nokia N95 does more, better, frankly. Funny video

(apologies: geek response here…)

have to agree with jay - BUT: what the iPhone may very well do is change the way that other phone manufacturers design the user interfaces of their phone…

the iPhone technically is a leap backwards - there are already rumours that the version that apple will release in europe will be 3G - unlike the version just released in the US…

(that will make one hell of a difference if you do buy one of these things and want to download music to it - 3G speeds being a lot faster than 2.5/GPRS)

Jay is totally correct when he says that the N95 -technically and feature wise- completely outclasses the iPhone…

but - like Mac’s - its the way that you actually use the phone that will make the difference - and this is why a lot of other phone manufacturers are interested in the iPhone…

only in yank land…how they manage to dominate the world is beyond me

World domination doesn’t really need brains, just a large enough group of people

Therefore China should be next…or India

To quote Nelson Muntz


kin funny