Oh come on!

Took my forks apart to chance oil seals. Had a bit of a struggle getting the old ones out as they were so corroded. Stripped fork legs down ready for priming and painting. Then decided to take forks to local dealer as I didn’t want to do a botch job putting them in myself. I could quite happily do it if I had the right tool but… how long does it take. Bloke at service counter looked at the plastic rings on the bottom of the rebound damper rods, ‘you’ll want to change them. They are the old type, the new ones are much better. Will make the forks glide much more smoothly. You’ll notice the difference…’ well OK. Good sales patter. Didn’t even ask cost, probably gonna be expensive… ho hum. In fact that is what is probably holding them up, if they didn’t have them in stock. How long does putting in an oil seal take, 5, 10 minutes? another stress filled commute home in the tin box. Every day this week traffic has been pants because of fkin roadworks… I want my bike

You could put it this way… at the moment it looks like my ride is going to have four wheels and a steering wheel